21 Points on Your Feet You Can Massage to Improve Your Well-Being

The Main Zones On The Feet
The Main Zones On The Feet

At our feet, there are reflection zones for many internal organs, and we can improve our well-being by putting pressure on them.

We will show you the most important points and tell you how to massage them to always feel good.

How To Massage our Feet

It is recommended to massage the entire foot, not just some points. First, stretch and warm your feet: walk around the room barefoot, get up on your toes several times, and take a warm foot bath.

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Rub the entire foot in gentle strokes and then begin to press all the active points (for 3 to 7 seconds), moving from the toes to the heel. Use techniques such as stretching (by massaging your toes), tapping (with the tip of your palm), pinching, and rubbing.

You can find trigger points in the process. This means that the organs for which these points are responsible are not doing well. It is better to massage especially well.

The technique to influence the painful areas is to press (with the thumb), which should alternate with pauses. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute. If you did everything right, the pain goes away.

There are the following contraindications to foot massage: fever, blood clotting disorder, exacerbation of chronic diseases, deep cuts, or trauma to the feet.

The Main Zones On The Feet

The Main Zones On The Feet
The Main Zones On The Feet

Both the right and left feet are divided into 5 zones, made up of 4 lines. Each area of ​​the foot corresponds to certain areas of the body and the organs that are in them.

First Zone

First Zone
First Zone

The location and meaning of the active spots on both feet are identical. Reflexes for paired organs (eg, eyes) are found in the right and left foot, respectively.

Second Zone

The meanings of the spots on the right and left foot are different. The heart reflection area on the left foot should be massaged when you feel strong excitement and/or stress.

Third Zone

The meanings of the left and right footpoints are different.

Forth Zone

how to massage your feet
how to massage your feet

The meaning and location of the points in this area are the same for the left and right foot.

Fifth Zone

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The points in the last zone are also identical in location and meaning for the right and left foot.


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