5 Japanese Exercises to Live Longer And Healthier Than Other People

A Willow Branch
A Willow Branch

Did you know that Japanese women have held the world longevity record for more than 25 years? They do not age and surprise the world with their ideal physical form. Not surprisingly, exercise (backed by healthy eating) is one of the great secrets of perfection in Japanese culture.

We want to introduce you to some exercises developed by Katsuzō Nishi that help women fill their bodies with energy and get in shape.

Katsuzō was a Japanese boy that was in very poor health. When he turned 20, he was diagnosed with a fatal disease. But he did not give up, instead, he developed his own unique health development system and lived to be 75 years old.

Exercises Of The Japanese Healer Katsuzo Nishi

Reed In The Wind

Exercises Of The Japanese Healer Katsuzo Nishi
Exercises Of The Japanese Healer Katsuzo Nishi

This exercise helps increase blood flow to the legs and prevents sore and tired legs.

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Lie on your stomach. The surface must be hard. Bend your knees. Relax and imagine that your legs are reeds swaying in the wind.

Swing your legs relaxed trying to reach your buttocks with your heels. You may not be able to do this for a while, so keep trying. Do this exercise every day and you will see results.

A Leaf

exercises of the japanese
exercises of the japanese

Exercise helps improve posture and brain circulation.

Lie on your back with your face up. The surface must be hard. Relax and imagine that your body is empty and light. Bend your knees. Don’t lift your feet. To do this, slowly bring your feet up to the buttocks as close as possible.

Slowly raise your head and try to reach your knees with your palms. Do not lift the spine bone.
After reaching your knees with your palms, raise your head and make sure your spine is horizontal.

Stay in this posture as long as possible. Imagine the energy going through your head. Return to the starting position and relax.

A Boat

Women benefit from this exercise during the postpartum period when their muscles are weakest. It also improves balance, digestion, and helps you lose unwanted stomach weight.

Lie on your back, bringing your legs and arms together at your sides with your palms facing down. Count to 4 and lift your legs with your toes up.

At the same time, lift your upper body with your arms straight. Touch your knees with your fingers.
Stay in this position until you feel tired.

Repeat up to 10 times depending on your physical condition.

A Willow Branch

A Willow Branch
A Willow Branch

The exercise of the willow branch effectively helps to reduce back pain, strengthen the vessels and veins.

Stand up straight. Spread your legs as wide as possible. Your feet must be parallel. Concentrate on your body and imagine that it is weightless and empty.

Place your hands on your kidneys and bring your fingers together on your rump. Slowly arch your back and tilt your head back. At the highest level, relax your arms.

Move slowly to the left and right. Imagine that you are a willow branch near a river. When you feel a little tired, return to the starting position with your hands on your kidneys.

The Sky Near The River

This exercise helps to lose weight from the stomach and is beneficial for the spine and the blood circulatory system. It also helps develop your imagination and calm your mind.

Lie on your back. The surface must be hard. Relax your body. Clasp your hands behind your head. Slowly raise your body to a sitting position.

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Keep bending your body over your legs as much as you can. At the maximum level, imagine that you are near a river. You are looking at the river and you are dissolving in it.

Slowly return to the starting position. Remember the feeling of dissolution. Roll your eyes and imagine looking at the sky.

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