The Right Time For Coffee

If you drink coffee every morning, you are one of the billions of coffee fans around the world. More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, proving its popularity. Do you know a lot about this caffeinated drink?

Today we want to share some interesting facts about one of the most popular drinks of all time. And at the end of the article, there is an extra piece of information that shows us one of the consequences of drinking coffee.

The Right Time For Coffee

The Right Time For Coffee
The Right Time For Coffee

If you drink coffee to refresh yourself, you need to choose the right time. You can determine the time by the level of cortisol in the body. Most people have a high cortisol level between 8 AM and 9 AM, the next peak is between 12 AM and 1 PM, and the last one is from 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM.

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It is best to drink coffee after you start to feel tired. After the last peak, it is not advisable to have breakfast again if you want to sleep at night.

Ground Coffee Lives For 15 Minutes

If you grind fresh coffee beans, don’t leave them alone, try to drink them within 15 minutes. After that time, it loses its flavor, its flavor changes and you will not be able to distinguish it from different types of coffee at this time.

The Valve On The Package

By pushing the valve, you can check the taste of the coffee and distinguish a fresh product from an old one, but it is not its main function. The fact that there is a valve means that the coffee was packed immediately after grinding and roasting.

A pound of coffee emits a lot of carbon dioxide after frying, so if there is no valve on the package, it will explode.

Coffee Used To Be Eaten

Since coffee is made from fruits, it’s no wonder it wasn’t used as a beverage at first. Africans used to mix animal fat with ground coffee beans to make a kind of paste. They rolled into a ball and ate for energy.

Making Coffee

Many people think that the stronger the flavor and the darker the color, the more caffeine there is in the coffee. But roasting coffee does not influence the amount of caffeine it contains, the levels remain the same. During roasting, the moisture evaporates from the beans, making them appear larger.

Bonus: Drinking A Lot Of Coffee Leads To Weight Gain

Coffee emphasizes the hormone cortisol, which makes you crave more sugar and sweets. Plus, caffeine disrupts our sleep cycle, so the next day you may feel less energetic and more tempted to eat different treats.

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Which of these coffee facts impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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