6 Internal Problems The Rashes on Your Face Scream

screen rashes
screen rashes

Chinese doctors call our face a “window to health.” All because our skin reacts sensitively to any malfunction and change in the functioning of the body, sending us signals, for example, in the form of pimples.

We found out which organs to pay attention to if rashes appear on the face.

Forehead And Eyebrows

Forehead And Eyebrows
Forehead And Eyebrows

Rashes on the forehead or above the eyebrows probably indicate certain gastrointestinal problems. A bridge between the eyebrows is “responsible” for the work of the liver.

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Try to correct the situation by eliminating fatty and fried foods from your diet and substantially reducing your alcohol consumption.


Pimples on the nose indicate problems in the cardiovascular system, the main reason for which is stress.

Try to maintain an active lifestyle, relax more often, and follow a sleep routine.


screen rashes
screen rashes

According to Chinese doctors, the skin of the ears is closely related to the functioning of the kidneys and the urinary system.

Having found pimples in the ears, you should first reduce your salt and coffee intake and start drinking more water.

Cheeks And Cheekbones

The cheekbones and the upper part of the cheeks reflect the functioning of our lungs and bronchial tubes. The pimples that appear here can indicate problems in the respiratory system. Allergies can also be the cause of this.

However, rashes on the lower part of the cheek can indicate dental problems.

Pay attention to your respiratory system. First, walk more and breathe fresh air, quit smoking, and avoid all places where you smoke.

Pay special attention to your oral hygiene. Try to eat fewer sweets and refuse sweet sodas.


face rashes reason
face rashes reason

Dermatological problems around the mouth can signal digestive problems, resulting in indigestion and intestinal spasm.

Try to reject fast food altogether. Include as much fiber-rich foods as possible in your diet, such as fruits and vegetables.


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The Rashes in this area often draw our attention to the reproductive system. Another cause of this can be problems with hormonal balance and a certain phase of the menstrual cycle.

If the pimple on your chin has appeared only once, there is no reason to worry. Simply pat dry with zinc ointment or lotion.

However, a permanent rash on the chin indicates that you are better off seeing a doctor.


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