Body Hacks That Actually Work

We have all come across situations where our bodies let us down at the most inappropriate moments. We want to introduce you to some tricks to help you deal with your general body problems.

Body Hacks That Actually Work

To Get Rid Of A Headache:

Body Hacks That Actually Work
Body Hacks That Actually Work

Put your hands in cold running water for a few minutes. Try to keep them there as long as possible. When done, rub the skin of your hands with a dry towel until you feel a burning sensation.

This is called cold therapy. Stress caused by temperature fluctuations increases blood circulation. Therefore, if you have heart and blood vessel problems, it is best to skip this method.

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To Get Rid Of Sleepiness:

If you feel drowsy, hold your breath as much as you can and breathe out slowly. This increases your heart rate and wakes you up.

To Hold In A Sneeze:

Unexpected sneezes can “hit” us at any time, sometimes when we least need them. To hold it, simply press the top of the nose with your fingers and rub or pull forward.

To Stop Nausea:

To Stop Nausea:
To Stop Nausea:

If you experience nausea, try applying acupressure. Press the point on the inside of the hand that is approximately 1 “from the palm.

To Hold In Laughter:

Sometimes you just can’t control your laughter, but you have to stop because you’re in a meeting, for example. What you need to do is pinch or bite your tongue a little.

To Ease Heartburn:

Sometimes you experience heartburn because you sleep on the right side. Try to sleep on your left side, this will relieve your heartburn at night.

To Raise Your Spirits:

If you are in a bad mood, hold a pencil between your teeth. Activate the smiling muscles that trick your brain and lift your spirits.

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Do you have your own tips for overcoming your body’s reactions? Share them in the comments below.

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