9 Products That Make Your Body Smell Unpleasant

products that make you smell good
products that make you smell good

Our smell is one of the main sensations we have. They say that we can even choose a partner by smell. And it is also obvious that the products we eat can also influence the smell of our body.We found out which products are bad for body odor. We really are what we eat!


Products That Make Your Body Smell Unpleasant
Products That Make Your Body Smell Unpleasant

Charles Stewart, a British scientist, showed that an unpleasant body odor can be related to eating tomatoes. He found the similarity of the smell of his sweat compared to tomato stem oil and began to analyze this coincidence. The smell of sweat is influenced by the terpene and carotenoids of the tomato.

Scientific research has shown the connection between the amount of tomatoes and other terpenic products you consume and the increased smell of sweat. Therefore, be careful to eat your favorite vegetable in moderation.


products that make you smell good
products that make you smell good

Surprisingly, Southeast Asians and almost all Native Americans are lactose intolerant. These people have a small amount of the digestive enzyme lactase. Others in the world may also have a reduced level of this enzyme, leading to abnormal gas production, bloating, and flatulence.

In some cases, metabolic disorders cause cabbage-smelling sweat. If the body cannot digest leucine, isoleucine, and valine in dairy products, human biological fluids smell like maple syrup If you don’t have any of the above symptoms, you can safely drink milk.

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Fish contains unusually high amounts of vitamin A. However, some types of fish, such as trout and tuna, have a lot of choline (vitamin B4). Adds a fishy smell to the natural body odor.

People with a high concentration of choline are vulnerable to “fish smell syndrome” or trimethylaminuria, which is cured by a special diet and medical treatment.


Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage contain many oxidation retardants. But they also contain a lot of sulfur, which can lead to an unpleasant odor.

Sulfur decomposes into unpleasant smelling substances, remains for many hours and influences flatulence. You should not refuse to eat cabbage, but it is better to monitor the amount in your daily diet.


body products to smell good
body products to smell good

Durian, the king of fruits from Southeast Asia, is a flavor and fragrance experience unlike any other. This spiky fruit packs a punch with its incredible taste, but be warned – its powerful aroma ain’t for the faint of heart! Think rotten fish, manure, and maybe even dirty socks (yikes!). But don’t let the smell fool you – crack it open and you’ll find a creamy, delicious surprise inside. And the best part? It’s not just tasty, it’s a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, sulfur, and amino acids. So, are you brave enough to try this love-it-or-hate-it fruit?

Durian generously shares its scent with its diner. If you touch it with your bare hands, you will not be able to remove the odor for several days. It is common in Thailand, Singapore, and other countries to ban the consumption of this fruit in public places.

Fibrous products

unpleasant smell things
unpleasant smell things

Cereals, offal, nuts, and granola – these tasty treats are packed with good stuff for your gut and digestion, loaded with helpful nutrients. But here’s the catch: they can also trigger gas production (think methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide). So, if you’re a cereal fanatic, be sure to guzzle down some water alongside it. Why? Water helps ease the not-so-pleasant effects of these fiber-rich foods. Enjoy your healthy snacks, but remember to stay hydrated too!

Chili, Garlic, Onion

There are no vampires, but we all know that they die from garlic. Sometimes what is deadly to a vampire can also be terrible to a human.

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Garlic, onion, and chili peppers accumulate substances that are released by the lungs and sweat, causing the body and mouth to have a strong odor.

Therefore, if you are planning a romantic dinner, think twice before using these products, as the strong smell can linger for several hours.


Asparagus is a low-calorie product (30 calories for about 0.2 pounds) and is very attractive to fans of weight loss. Contains saponin and coumarin.

The former is good if you have sclerosis or peptic ulcer. Coumarin supports the vascular system of the heart. Asparagus is also a natural antioxidant and aphrodisiac.

However, asparagus alter the smell of sweat and urine and produce methanethiol, a stimulator of digestive gases. It is no wonder that, in ancient times, hunters used the product to remove the natural odor from the body.

Red Meat

red meat
red meat

Red meat boasts a load of good stuff like vitamins, iron, and zinc. But here’s the catch: it can be tough on your digestive system. When red meat hangs around too long, it starts to break down, and let’s just say, that doesn’t do wonders for your body odor. Not exactly the fresh scent you’re aiming for, right?

Eating this type of meat more than twice a week can negatively influence its smell. This conclusion is supported by many experiments.


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