Baby Girl Names with Beautiful Meanings in Hindi and Tamil

Baby Girl Names with Beautiful Meanings in Hindi and Tamil

Choosing a name for your baby girl – what a precious and momentous task! It’s a name she’ll carry with her, whispering dreams and defining her path. And what better languages to draw from than the melodious Hindi and the vibrant Tamil, languages steeped in history and brimming with beautiful meanings?

Now, with open hearts and curious minds, let’s step into the world of names. Let the melody of Hindi and the rhythm of Tamil guide us as we search for the one name that will forever resonate with your little girl.

Are you ready? Here is a list of Baby girl Names with Beautiful Meanings in Hindi and Tamil.

Aanya: Limitless, boundless

Aarna: Ocean, Goddess Durga

Aahana: Dawn, first ray of light

Ananya: Unique, incomparable

Anvi: Goddess Durga, a ray of light

Aditi: First daughter of Daksha, mother of the Adityas

Alisha: Protected by God

Anika: Graceful, blessed with favor

Ayra: Fire, energy

Avani: Earth, first month of the Tamil calendar

Aarthi: Auspicious, prayer

Aishwarya: Wealth, prosperity

Akila: Entire, complete

Anjali: Offering made with folded hands

Anjana: Mother of Hanuman

Apsara: Celestial nymph

Avanti: Name of an ancient city in India

Amudha: Nectar, something sweet

Ananya: Limitless, endless

Aandal: A celebrated Tamil poet-saint.

Bhagya: Fortune, luck

Bhoomi: Earth, another name for Goddess Sita

Bhavna: Emotion, feeling

Brinda: Another name for Radha, consort of Lord Krishna

Barkha: Rain, monsoon

Basanti: Spring season

Bindu: Drop, point (Image of Bindu baby girl)

Bhavya: Grand, magnificent

Babita: A spiritual leader

Bimla: Pure, spotless

Bhuvana: World, earth

Bavani: Goddess Durga

Banumathi: Sun and moon

Bhuvaneshwari: Goddess of Earth

Bharathi: Goddess Saraswati

Bhairavi: A form of Goddess Durga

Bhuvi: Daughter of Earth

Bhagyalakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity

Bala: Strong, powerful

Bhuvika: Beautiful, charming

Charvi: Sweet, beautiful

Chhaya: Shadow, reflection

Chandni: Moonlight

Chamki: Shining, sparkling

Chitrangada: Wife of Arjuna, known for her beauty

Celina: Moon, heavenly

Citra: Picture, painting

Ciara: Light, clear

Chinmayi: Spiritual, filled with consciousness

Chahat: Desire, longing

Chelvi: Beautiful woman

Chithra: Picture, painting

Chandrika: Goddess Durga

Chellama: Darling, beloved

Chithrambala: Adorned with beautiful pictures

Charumathi: Beautiful moon

Charanya: Lotus pond

Chitrakshi: Beautiful eyes

Chetna: Consciousness, awareness

Chinnu: Small, darling

Diya: Light, lamp

Dakshini: Skilled, dexterous

Durga: Goddess of strength and protection

Devanshi: Divine blessing

Diksha: Initiation, dedication

Dimple: A small indentation in the cheek

Divya: Divine, radiant

Dhriti: Patience, courage

Drishti: Sight, vision

Disha: Direction, path

Dhanya: Blessed, fortunate

Devi: Goddess

Durga Devi: A powerful form of Goddess Parvati

Dhana Lakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity

Dhanushya: Name of a star constellation

Dhivya: Divine, radiant

Dhwani: Sound, melody

Drashti: Vision, perspective

Dheepa: Light, flame

Divya Darshan: Divine vision

Eesha: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

Ekta: Unity, oneness

Eshani: Desire, wish

Eshaan: Lord Shiva

Ela: Cardamom, a fragrant spice

Eshwari: Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva

Eshita: Goddess Lakshmi

Eiravat: White elephant, vehicle of Lord Indra

Elika: Protector

Eshita: Desire, wish

Eevanthi: Jasmine flower

Ezhil: Beauty, grace

Elakia: Goddess Lakshmi

Ezhilarasi: Beautiful queen

Ennai: Mother

Eniya: Charming, melodious

Elakkuchi: Small cardamom

Fiza: Breeze, air

Faiza: Victorious, successful

Fariya: Angel, fairy

Falguni: River Godavari

Fariya: Moonbeam

Flora: Goddess of flowers

Fakshini: Skillful, clever

Feba: Light, radiance

Freeda: Beloved, cherished

Fiona: White, fair

Fiza: Sparkle, glitter

Fahmida: Intelligent, wise

Freya: Ruler, protector

Fiona Mary: Combining beautiful names from different cultures

Faiza Yasmin: Meaningful combination of “victorious” and “jasmine flower”.

Gungun: Humming bee, a symbol of sweetness and innocence

Gauri: Goddess Parvati, fair-skinned

Gita: Song, holy book

Gargi: Philosopher, disciple of Yajnavalkya

Giselle: Hostage, pledge

Geeta: Song, knowledge

Gnanamani: Intelligent gem

Gungun: Talkative, playful

Gudiya: Doll, beloved

Gunjan: Echo, resonance

Gayathri: Mother of Vedas, chant of salvation

Gowri: Parvati, fair-skinned

Gowthami: River Godavari, a symbol of purity

Grahati: Goddess Lakshmi, bringer of prosperity

Gnana Priya: Beloved of wisdom

Gunavathi: Virtuous woman (Image of Gunavathi baby girl)

Gnanambika: Goddess Parvati, embodiment of wisdom

Gayatri Devi: A powerful combination of two beautiful names

Gokul Priya: Beloved of Krishna

Gnaneshwari: Goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge

Hema: Golden girl, beautiful

Harini: A beautiful female deer, graceful

Harshi: Of joy and happiness, cheerful

Hirva: Green, fresh, hope

Hetvi: One who wishes well for others, kind

Hima: Snow, winter

Himavanti: Daughter of the Himalayas, strong

Hansa: Swan, elegant and pure

Hruta: Stolen heart, enchanting

Hrishita: Pure, satisfied, content

Harini: Deer, one who brings joy

Hema Priya: Beloved of gold, precious

Heera: Diamond, sparkling

Hiranmayi: Golden, radiant

Hemavathi: Goddess Durga, a powerful form of Parvati

Haasini: Smiling, cheerful

Haritha: Green, vibrant

Hridaa: Heart, center of emotions

Hemambari: Golden lotus, beautiful and pure

Hiralakshmi: Combination of “diamond” and “goddess Lakshmi,” auspicious and prosperous

Ishita: Desire, wish, auspicious

Ishika: Small stone, pebble, precious

Inaya: Help of God, divine grace

Indira: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity

Ila: Earth, goddess of the dawn

Ira: Goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge

Iti: Thus, so, meaning completion

Iravati: River Ravi, flowing

Ilma: Knowledge, learning

Irtiza: Prosperity, contentment

Iniya: Sweet, pleasant

Isaiyani: Music, melody

Idhayam: Heart, love

Indhuja: Daughter of the moon, beautiful

Indrani: Queen of heavens, powerful

Imaya: Miracle, wonder

Ishanya: Goddess Parvati, protector

Ilakkuchi: Small cardamom, valuable

Ishika Devi: Combining two beautiful names with auspicious meanings

Jaanvi: Moonlight, river Ganga

Jagatmata: Mother of the Universe, compassionate

Jahnavi: River Ganga, sacred and purifying

Jiya: Heart, soul, full of life

Jyotsna: Moonlight, radiance

Jaya: Victorious, successful

Janaki: Another name for Sita, wife of Lord Rama

Jhanvi: Name of a musical note, melodious

Jaya Lakshmi: Combination of “victorious” and “goddess Lakshmi,” auspicious and prosperous

Jivika: Livelihood, means of living

Janani: Mother, giver of life

Jansi Rani: Warrior Queen of Jhansi, brave and courageous

Jaivika: Full of life, vibrant

Jaanaki: Beautiful woman, like Sita

Jelani: Light, brilliance

Jyothika: Flame, radiant

Jnana Soundharya: Combination of “wisdom” and “beauty,” intelligent and graceful

Jaya Priya: Beloved of victory, auspicious

Janaki Devi: A traditional and meaningful combination

Jagriti: Awakening, enlightenment

Kaira: Princess, powerful

Kavya: Poem, beautiful poetry

Khushi: Happiness, joy

Kiara: Ray of light, radiant

Kriti: Creation, achievement

Komal: Soft, delicate

Kashvi: Shining, sparkling

Kamakshi: Goddess Parvati, with beautiful eyes

Kripa: Grace, compassion

Kiran: Sunbeam, ray of light

Kalpana: Imagination, creativity

Kaveri: River Cauvery, life-giving

Kaveri Priya: Beloved of the river Cauvery, blessed

Kalaivani: Goddess Saraswati, goddess of arts and knowledge

Kavitha: Poem, beautiful poetry

Kannika: Young girl, maiden

Karishma: Attraction, charm

Krithika: Star, auspicious

Kanmani: Eye candy, beloved

Kayalvizhi: Eyes like the sea, beautiful

Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

Laila: Playful, night

Lavanya: Grace, beauty

Lara: Protected by God

Leena: Devoted, attached

Latika: Creeper, vine

Lubdhika: Loveable, affectionate

Lopamudra: Wife of sage Agastya, intelligent

Lakshita: Marked with auspicious signs, fortunate

Lalita: Elegant, playful

Lakshmi Priya: Beloved of Goddess Lakshmi, auspicious

Lalitha: Beautiful, artistic

Lekha: Writing, painting

Laasya: Grace, elegance

Lovika: Beautiful woman, like Sita

Lavanya Devi: A traditional and meaningful combination

Lamya: Soft, gentle

Latika Rani: Queen of vines, graceful and strong

Lokpriya: Beloved of the world, popular

Laavanya: Sparkling, radiant

Maya: Illusion, creativity

Madhuri: Sweetness, melody

Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna, love

Mansi: Heart, mind

Mishti: Sweet, adorable

Manika: Gem, precious

Mitali: Friendly, sociable

Mona: Beautiful, attractive

Mahika: Great, powerful

Manvi: Goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge

Madhi: Moon, brilliant

Malar: Flower, beautiful

Mayil: Peacock, graceful

Malati: A creeper of Jasmine flowers

Malini: Sweet, fragrant

Mekala: Beloved, one who knows the self

Mathari: Beautiful

Magizhini: Happy girl

Manikodi: A string of pearls

Malairani: Queen of hills

Niyati: Destiny, fate

Nadiya: Hope, protector

Namrata: Humility, gentleness

Nandini: Daughter of King Nanda, joyful

Naina: Eyes, beautiful eyes

Niharika: Mist, tiny cloud

Netra: Eyesight, inner vision

Naina Devi: A combination of beauty and divinity

Nihaal: Happy, joyful

Nandita: Beloved, blessed

Nandini: Goddess Parvati, beautiful

Nila: Blue, sky

Nilakshini: Beautiful eyes, like the goddess Lakshmi

Nakshatra: Constellation, auspicious symbol

Nivisha: Shelter, home

Nandita Priya: Beloved

Narmadha: River Narmada, life-giving

Nilam: Blue lotus, purity

Nirupama: Matchless, incomparable

Neevya: New, fresh

Oditi: Dawn, beginning

Ojaswini: Bright, intelligent

Oshma: Summer, warmth

Oorja: Energy, enthusiasm

Oviya: Artistic, creative

Omal: White, pure

Oni: Graceful, beautiful

Ojasvita: Radiant, enlightened

Oshini: Dewdrop, pure and delicate

Oha: Meditation, true knowledge

Olipirai: Bright crescent moon

Oviya: A type of jasmine flower

Oviyam: Poetry, beautiful words

Oorvasi: Apsara dancer, celestial beauty

Oviya Devi: A combination of beauty and divinity

Ooraani: Goddess Parvati, protector

Omayal: Grace, elegance

Oviya Priya: Beloved artist

Oviya Lakshmi: Beautiful and prosperous

Priya: Beloved, dear

Pari: Fairy, angel

Pihu: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity

Priyanka: Beautiful eyes, charming

Priti: Love, affection

Pooja: Worship, devotion

Pragya: Wisdom, intelligence

Pallavi: Bud, new beginnings

Parineeti: Perfect, complete

Pranita: Devoted, established

Priya: Beloved, dear

Pavithra: Pure, holy

Poorna: Complete, perfect

Priya : A sweet and repetitive combination of “beloved”

Padmavati: Wife of Lord Vishnu, lotus flower

Ponni: River Cauvery, life-giving

Paavani: Goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge

Priya Devi: Beloved goddess

Prema Shalini: Beautiful and loving

Padmini: Lotus flower, beauty

Qayamat: Resurrection, eternity (Urdu origin)

Qatra: Raindrop, dewdrop

Qamar: Moon

Qiran: Conjunction, union

Qismat: Destiny, fate

Qurat-ul-Ain: Comfort of the eyes (Arabic origin)

Qulbaani: Heartbeats

Quasar: Powerful celestial object

Radhika: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity, success.

Rhea/Ria: Graceful, prosperous, wealthy.

Riya: Singer, musician, art.

Rashi/Raashi: Constellation, sign of the zodiac.

Reva: River, wealth, star, musical raagini.

Revati: Wife of Lord Balarama, prosperity, auspicious.

Richa: Vedic lyrics, brilliance, melodious.

Riddhi: Good fortune, prosperity, success.

Roohi/Ruhi: Soul, music tune, who touches the heart.

Ramani: Beautiful woman, enchanting, captivating.

Ramyadevi: Goddess Lakshmi, beautiful goddess.

 Riya/Ria: Singer, musician, art.

Roja: Rose, beautiful flower, love.

Radhikadevi: Goddess Lakshmi, beautiful goddess.

Ramathi/Raamathai: One who is pleasing, delightful, charming.

Ramala: Goddess Ranganayaki, wife of Lord Ranganatha.

Revathi: Another spelling of Revati, prosperity, auspicious.

Rajini: Queen, beautiful woman, leader.

Radhitha: Success, perfection, accomplished.

Rajalakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, queen of prosperity.

Shreya: Auspicious, fortunate, prosperity.

Saanvi: Goddess Lakshmi, auspicious, beautiful.

Siya: Dark, beautiful, Princess Sita.

Samaira: Princess, enchanting, captivating.

Saanika: Goddess Durga, protector, warrior.

Surbhi: Fragrant, beautiful, loved by all.

Suhani: Beautiful, pleasant, charming.

Shruti: Knowledge, learning, wisdom.

Shilpa: Art, creation, talent.

Sakshi: Witness, evidence, friend.

Sukanya: Beautiful daughter, gold, precious.

Samira: Gentle breeze, pleasant, graceful.

Saira: Princess, enchanting, captivating.

Swara: Note, musical sound, melody.

Sneha: Love, affection, kindness.

Simran: Remembrance, meditation, devotion.

Shweta: White, pure, auspicious.

Shikha: Flame, peak, knowledge.

Shaily: Mountain valley, abode of Goddess Parvati.

Sanvi: Auspicious, beautiful, Goddess Lakshmi.

Sharanya: Surrender, refuge, goddess Parvati.

Soundarya: Beauty, charm, attractiveness.

Shakthi: Power, strength, Goddess Durga.

Shriya: Auspicious, fortunate, prosperity.

Sowmya: Gentle, beautiful, Goddess Lakshmi.

Samyuktha: One who is united, joined, connected.

Sivaangi: Goddess Parvati, beautiful face.

Sruthi: Knowledge, learning, wisdom.

Saakshi: Witness, evidence, friend.

Samira: Gentle breeze, pleasant, graceful.

Sarayu: River Sarayu, goddess Lakshmi.

Sahithi: Friend, companion, companionable.

Sanjana: Daughter, beloved, princess.

Sakthika: Powerful, capable, strong.

Samhitha: Knowledge, skill, talent.

Shalini: Gentle, modest, well-mannered.

Saakshitha: Testimony, evidence, truth.

Sruthi: Learning, knowledge, hearing.

Trisha: Delight, satisfaction, contentment. 

Tanisha: Daughter of fairies, divine spark. 

Tulsi: Holy plant, devoted, pious. 

Tanvi: Slim, slender, beautiful. 

Tahira: Pure, gentle, virtuous. 

Tripti: Satisfaction, contentment, delight. 

Tejaswi: Luminous, shining, brilliant.

Twisha: Bright, shining, sun.

Tanmaya: Mind, consciousness, knowledge. 

Trishika: Three arrows, powerful, skilled. 

Tani: Earth, goddess Prithvi, vast. 

Tapasi: Penance, austerity, spiritual practice. 

Tara Rani: Queen of stars, leader, guiding light. 

Tamanna: Wish, desire, aspiration. 

Trisha Devi: Divine delight, blessed with satisfaction

Tapasya: Spiritual practice, meditation, dedication.

Tehani: Moon, beautiful, luminous. 

Tiya: Light, spark, brilliance. 

Tanvi Kumari: Princess Tanvi, beautiful, gentle.

Urvi: Earth, vastness, fertility.

Urvashi: Celestial maiden, beautiful, captivating.

Udita: Arisen, risen sun, new beginnings.

Uma: Goddess Parvati, light, knowledge.

Ujwala: Luminous, shining, brilliant.

Unnati: Progress, prosperity, success.

Urviksha: Tree of life, growth, abundance.

Umang: Hope, enthusiasm, joy.

Unnatika: One who brings progress, prosperous, successful.

Umaima: Pure, beautiful, blessed.

Urmila: Light, peace, calm.

Utara: North star, guiding light, direction.

Umaima Haya: Blessed daughter of life, pure and full of joy.

Urvi Devi: Earth Goddess, beautiful and nurturing.

Unnati Lakshmi: Goddess of progress and prosperity, blessed with success.

Ulagama: World, universe, vastness.

Uyirinjal: Life, soul, essence.

Umayam: Grace, kindness, compassion.

Unakkal: Knowledge, wisdom, learning.

Uyarvu: Growth, development, progress.

Uraiyur: Beautiful city, prosperous, blessed.

Ulagammal: Mother of the world, nurturing, kind.

Umaya Devi: Graceful Goddess, compassionate, kind.

Unaithalay: House of knowledge, wise, learned.

Uyirmagal: Daughter of life, vibrant, full of energy.

Ulavendra: King of the world, powerful, successful.

Uyarvum Ulagu: Growth for the world, prosperous contributor.

Unaithuyal: Goddess of learning, wise, knowledge seeker.

Umayangal: Lotus feet, beautiful, gentle.

Ulagathurai: Queen of the world, powerful, compassionate.

Vaidehi: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity, success.

Vaishnavi: Goddess Vishnu, protector, devoted.

Vani/Vaani: Speech, goddess Saraswati, articulate.

Varsha: Rain, shower, blessings from above.

Vibha: Radiance, ray of light, shining.

Vinanti: Prayer, request, wish.

Vinaya: Modesty, humility, gentleness.

Vishakha: A nakshatra, unconquered, determined.

Vrinda: Goddess Radha, tulsi plant, devotion.

Vrishti: Rain, shower, abundance, blessings.

Valarmathi: Full moon, beauty, auspiciousness.

Velvizhi: One with beautiful eyes, captivating.

Vanjikkodi: A woman like a beautiful creeper, graceful.

Vanathi: One who belongs to the forest, free-spirited.

Vanampadi: Nightingale, melodious, sweet voice.

Vennila: White moon, purity, serenity.

Vallavi: Brave and efficient girl, resourceful.

Vaagaichelvi: Victorious girl, successful, triumphant.

Vanmathi: Moon, beauty, light in the darkness.

Vinavi: One who questions, curious, intelligent.

Watika: Garden, beautiful place, sanctuary.

Widisha: Wise, knowledgeable, learned.

Wamika: Beautiful, attractive, pleasing.

Wira: Fair, white-skinned, pure. (Originally a Christian name, gaining acceptance in Hindu communities)

Wilita: Desire, longing, yearning.

Waheeda: Unique, one of a kind, unparalleled.

Wanika: Forest, nature lover, free spirit.

Widyut: Lightning, spark, brilliance.

Wanitha: Woman, lady, feminine grace.

Wasundhara: Earth, beautiful world, nurturing nature.

Yamini: Night, darkness, beauty in shadows, mystery.

Yashodha: Mother of Lord Krishna, nurturing, devoted.

Yashaswini: Glorious, successful, victorious.

Yuvani: Young woman, vibrant, energetic.

Yathri: Traveler, seeker, adventurous spirit.

Yugma: Pair, twin, perfect match.

Yashica: Bright, shining, radiant, illuminating.

Yatika: Jasmine flower, fragrant, delicate.

Yakshini: Celestial nymph, beautiful, mythical, enchanting.

Yamuna: River Yamuna, life-giving, sacred.

Yazhini: Musician, playing the yazh (ancient Tamil string instrument), artistic.

Yuthika: Jasmine flower, fragrant, delicate.

Yaalika: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity, auspiciousness.

Yashalini: Moonlight, gentle, luminous.

Yasodha: Mother of Lord Krishna, nurturing, devoted.

Yuganthara: New era, a fresh start, beginning of something wonderful.

Yarisha: Prosperous, fortunate, blessed with success.

Yavani: Young woman, beautiful, fresh-faced.

Yuvaani: Young, youthful, vibrant, full of life.

Yaashna: Wish, desire, aspiration, dream that comes true.

Zara: Small, little, delicate, precious.

Zaya: Light, radiance, glow, illuminating.

Zoya: Beautiful, alive, vibrant, full of life.

Zahra: Blossom, flower, beauty in its prime.

Zia: Light, brilliance, clarity, guiding light.

Zahida: Pious, devout, righteous, pure soul.

Zakira: Intelligent, clever, sharp-minded.

Zarina: Golden, yellow, sunshine, bringing warmth.

Zoha: Dawn, first light, new beginnings, hope.

Zenia: Hospitality, kindness, generosity, welcoming spirit.

Zaara: Prosperous, blessed with wealth and good fortune.

Zizzee: A type of parrot, colorful, vibrant, energetic.

Ziva: Goddess Durga, powerful, protective, warrior queen.

Ziyan: Rays of light, radiant, illuminating, bringing joy.

Zehra: Blossom, flower, beauty in its prime.

Zakaria: Pure, innocent, untouched by negativity.

Zoja: Bright, shining, radiant, like a star.

Zyanya: Knowledge, wisdom, learning, intellectual.

Zohra: Venus, planet of love, beauty, grace.

Zaaraa: Queen of prosperity, blessed with abundance.

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