Traditional and Modern Baby Girl Names in Tamil with Meanings.

Traditional and Modern Baby Girl Names in Tamil with Meanings.

Tamil is one of the ancient languages and has a long list of traditional names for girls. The “Thottil” ritual is the name given to naming ceremonies among Tamilians. To name the newborn, the family, closest relatives, and friends get together two weeks after the baby is born. They each give the newborn three separate pronouncements of the baby’s name. In this tradition, a father writes the baby’s name on rice. Here is a list of Traditional Tamil names that often draw inspiration from mythology, nature, and virtues, with their meanings:

Aadhira:  Moonlight or “radiant. It is a beautiful and popular name associated with gentleness and peace.

Aandal:  Devotion, Creativity, and Artistic talent.

Aanaya: Grace or elegance.

Aishwarya: Wealth or prosperity.

Anjali: Offering or salutation.

Aanya: Limitless” or “without boundaries.” It is a modern and trendy name that suggests freedom, potential, and endless possibilities.

Anaika: Unique or one of a kind.

Anika: Wind or air.

Anikaa : Grace” or “favour.

Aaradhya: worshipped or devoted.

Bhavadarshini: A beautiful and traditional name meaning “one who sees the world.”

Bhuvana: Mother Earth, the world. A classic name evoking vastness and bounty.

Bhaavika: Full of emotions, expressive. A melodious name with a deep meaning.

Brindha: The holy basil plant, associated with Goddess Lakshmi. A spiritual and auspicious name.

Bhagyalakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of prosperity and good fortune. A popular and lucky name.

Banumathi: Sun and moon, representing brightness and enlightenment. A radiant name for your little one.

Bharathi: Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and learning. A fitting name for a curious and intelligent child.

Bala:” Young, youthful. A simple yet sweet name for a precious newborn.

Bama: Beautiful, lovely. A timeless classic that never goes out of style.

Banupriya: Wife of the Sun God, radiating light and warmth. A unique and powerful name.

Barkavi: Poetess, writer. A creative and artistic name for a girl with a vivid imagination

Barsha: Rain, a downpour. A refreshing and vibrant name symbolizing renewal and hope.

Bhoomi: Earth, the world. A grounded and connected name for your little explorer.

Bhairavi: Fearless, brave. A spirited name for a girl who is strong and independent.

Chitra: Beautiful, artistic

Chandra: Moon, moonlight

Chitra: Painted, adorned

Chamundi: Goddess Durga, slayer of demons

Chellama: Darling, beloved

Chithra: Picture, painting

Chitrangada: Beautiful woman with a charming body

Caavya: Poetry, song

Ciya: Light, radiance

Charu: Beautiful, charming

Chhaya: Shadow, reflection

Dakini: Divine dancer, a celestial nymph

Devika: Divine, goddess-like

Devayani: Daughter of the gods, celestial chariot

Dhana: Wealth, prosperity

Dhanalakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and good fortune

Durga: The invincible goddess, fierce protector

Darshana: Vision, sight, glimpse of the divine

Dhanushree: Beautiful bow, skillful archer

Daamini: Lightning, radiant

Diya: Light, lamp, illumination

Diaa: Shine, light, glow

Diksha: Initiation, dedication, consecration

Daya: Compassion, empathy, kindness

Dhiti: Intelligence, sharp mind, understanding

Disha: Direction, goal, path

Darshini: Seeing, witnessing, beholder of good things

Diyaana: Meditation, contemplation, deep thought

Daksha: Capable, efficient, skilled

Eeshani: Derived from the goddess Parvati, signifying “auspiciousness” and “divine power.

Elakya: Meaning “light” or “splendor,” symbolizing a radiant personality.

Ezhil: Denoting “beauty” or “grace,” reflecting an attractive appearance and inner charm.

Ekta: Signifying “oneness” or “unity,” representing wholeness and harmony.

Ennai: Meaning “mother,” conveying love, nurturing, and protection.

Elara: From the English word “elegant,” portraying sophistication and refinement.

Eshanya: A fusion of “Esha” (desire) and “Ananya” (unique), meaning “unique desire” or “one with a special wish.”

Ellira: A variant of “Eleanor,” signifying “shining light” or “ray of sunshine.”

Enya: Of Irish origin, meaning “fire” or “spirit,” representing passion and determination.

Enora: French name derived from “honor,” symbolizing integrity, dignity, and respectability.

Faiza: Victorious, successful

Farah: Joy, happiness

Fathima: The Protector, pure

Fathima Zahra: Daughter of Prophet Muhammad

Fiza: Breeze, air

Foorti: Prosperous, abundant

Freeda: Freedom, liberty

Faleni: Leader, commanding

Firaki: Fragrance, aroma

Foonila: Moonbeam, moonlight

Fariya: Angel, fairy

Fionna: White, fair

Fenora: Light, brightness

Falak: Sky, universe

Faeza: Unique, precious

Fiona: Fair, white

Fizaan: Breeze, air

Fenni: Peace, tranquillity (Hindi origin)

Florentina: Flourishing, blooming (Latin origin)

Ganga – River Ganges

Geetha – Flower

Gayathri – Vedic Chant

Ganga – River Ganges

Gauri – Fair one

Gnana Saraswathi – Goddess of wisdom

Gopika – Gopi

Gauri – Parvati

Ganga – River Ganges (associated with Goddess Ganga)

Geethanjali – Goddess Saraswathi

Ganapathy – Lord Ganesha (daughter version)

Gopika Devi – Divine Gopi

Gnanambigai – Goddess of knowledge and speech

Ganga Yamuna – Rivers Ganges and Yamuna

Geetha Priya – Beloved of song

Gauthamika – Modern form of Gautama

Gowthami – Daughter of Gotama

Gayathri Devi – Goddess Gayatri

Ganga Devi – Goddess Ganga

Gunasundari – Beautiful with virtues

Hansini: Swan, this name evokes grace and beauty.

Harini: Deer, this name symbolizes gentle nature and kindness.

Hema: Gold, this name represents preciousness and prosperity.

Hemavathy: Daughter of the Himalayas.

Hiranmayi: Golden, this name symbolizes wealth and opulence.

Hamsadhwani: Song of the Swan, this name evokes a sense of melody and purity.

Harithra: Green, this name represents nature and growth.

Hamsini: Goddess Lakshmi,

Haritha Devi: Green Goddess, this name represents nature and divine grace.

Hamsaveni: Swan with beautiful braids.

Heeya: Affection

Hima: Snow

Indrani: Queen of Heaven (wife of Indra)

Ishvari: Goddess Parvati

Indumathi: Daughter of the moon

Iniya: Sweet, lovely

Ilamathi: Daughter of the Goddess Lakshmi

Ilankumari: Beautiful princess

Ilangirai: Sunrise

Indira: Beautiful, splendid

Ilakkuvan: Goddess of learning (Saraswati)

Inbarani: Ray of light

Ishita: Desired, one who desires

Ilaisha: Protected by God

Ishani: A form of Goddess Parvati

Ira: Earth

Inaya: Grace, beautiful

Ishita: Gift of God

Iyshaa: Goddess Lakshmi

Ilaimahi: Full of youth

Idika: Gift

Izhiya: Light

Jaanaki: Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama.

Jayanthi: Victorious

Janani: Mother of the universe.

Jamuna: Purity, flow, and life-giving energy

Jyothi: light or flame.

Janvi: Sweet, simple, and perfect

Jaidev: Victorious goddess ,symbolizes strength and independence.

Jiya: Alive, Soul, or heart.

Juhi: Feelings of sweetness, purity, and elegance.

Kalpana: Imagination, creative

Kamakshi: Consort of Lord Shiva, beautiful eyes

Kanmani: Beloved, sweetheart

Karpagam: Wish-fulfilling tree, abundance

Kavyasri: Goddess of poetry, skilled in poetry

Komalavalli: Lotus creeper, gentle

Kavitha: Poem, beautiful

Karthika: Star, shining like a star

Kaveri: River Cauvery, sacred river

Kanmaniye: Affectionate, charming

Kavya: Poem, beautiful

Kiara: Bright, light

Kiaraa: Crown, princess

Kriti: Creation, masterpiece

Krisha: Black, goddess Krishna

Khushi: Happiness, joy

Kyra: Sun, light

Kaayal: Seaweed, beautiful eyes

Kiranmayi: Full of rays, radiant

Kaavya: Poem, beautiful

Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth and fortune.

Latha: Growth, beauty, and resilience

Lalitha: Beautiful, graceful, and charming

Leela: Playful, joyful, and full of life.

Loga: World, universe, or entire creation.

Lokeswari: Queen of the world.

Laasya: Graceful, elegant, and skilled in the art of dance.

Lavanya: Attractive, charming, and graceful.

Maalini: Garland or flowery

Madhavi: Jasmine flower

Maheswari: Goddess Parvati

Mangala: Auspiciousness or good luck.

Mythili: Daughter of King Janaka, Nobility and virtue.

Mahika: Earth or power.

Meenakshi: Beautiful eyes or fish with beautiful eyes.

Mira: Ocean or Wonder

Nandini: Goddess Durga, giver of joy

Nila: Blue, indigo, associated with calmness and peace

Nirmala: Pure, spotless, innocent

Nithya: Eternal, everlasting

Nadhira: Light, beacon

Naima: Precious, valuable

Nakshatra: Constellation, star

Nilavya: Moonlight, soft glow

Niyati: Destiny, fate

Nivedita: Dedicated, offered

Ojasvini: Full of energy and vigor, a vibrant and active name.

Oviya: Creative and artistic, a name for a spirited girl.

Ojasvita: Enlightened, intelligent, a name for a wise and thoughtful girl.

Ohanna: Grace of God, a meaningful and religious name.

Omika: Variant of Omkari, with a modern touch.

Oishika: Wish, desire, a name for a girl with big dreams.

Oviyaa: Light, radiance, illumination.

Omkari: Sound of the Om, the sacred syllable in Hinduism.

Oviyanjali: Offering of light, a beautiful and spiritual name.

Olukai: Light of the world, a name full of hope and positivity.

Orunai: Rising sun, symbolizing new beginnings and growth.

Omana: Beautiful woman, a classic and sweet name.

Onnum (pronounced On-num): Graceful, delicate, a name evoking elegance.

Oppilamani: Precious gem, a name signifying worth and value.

Oppilam: Fragrance, perfume, a name with a subtle and pleasant meaning.

Oviya: Goddess Durga, signifying strength and power.

Parvathy: The consort of Lord Shiva.

Priya: Beloved or dear one.

Pavithra: Pure and holy.

Pooja: Worship or prayer.

Ponni: Gold, wealth, prosperity, and success.

Padma: Lotus flower.

Paavani: Goddess Lakshmi.

Pankaja: Lotus flower, signifies purity, beauty, and spiritual growth.

Parijatha: Night-flowering jasmine, symbolizes love, happiness, and new beginnings.

Pragya: Wisdom or intelligence.

Qaiyana: Precious like ruby.

Qiera: Graceful and elegant.

Quincy: Fifth-born.

Qila: A fortress, a strong girl.

Qinaya: Beautiful melodies.

Qiva: Alive, full of life.

Qiara: Light, moonbeam.

Quiela: Unique, one of a kind.

Qulasa: Flourishing, thriving.

Quirijina: Another name for the mythical bird Garuda.

Quresha: Daughter of the Quran.

Radha: Prosperity, wealth

Radhika: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity

Rani: Queen, princess

Raji: Princess, charming

Ramya: Beautiful, pleasing

Rukmini: Wife of Lord Krishna, goddess of wealth

Revati: Wife of Balarama, lucky star

Rati: Goddess of love and passion

Rohini: Constellation Aldebaran, beauty

Raashi: Light, ray of sun

Raashika: Star, constellation

Raisa: Gentle, graceful

Rhea: Flowing water, prosperity

Riya: Singer, prosperity

Riyaan: Melody, beautiful voice

Rithika: Success, prosperity

Ridheema: Wealth, prosperity

Riyaansh: Light, ray of sun.

Saraswathi: The most prominent goddess of knowledge, music, and arts.

Sakthi: Power, strength, and Goddess Parvati.

Selvi: Wealth, prosperity, and a feminine form of Selvam.

Shanthi: Peace, calmness, and tranquility.

Sowmya: Gentle, peaceful, and beautiful.

Subhadra: Auspicious, lucky, and sister of Lord Krishna.

Soundarya: Beauty, elegance, and charm.

Saanvi: Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity, and beautiful.

Samaira: Princess, enchanting, and daughter of Indra.

Siya: Light, radiance, and auspicious.

Suhasini: Beautiful smile, charming, and pleasant.

Saanvika: Goddess Durga, strong, and beautiful.

Samyuktha: United, combined, and perfect.

Shanaya: First rays of the sun, bright, and auspicious.

Tejaswini Priya: Radiant beloved, full of light and love.

Thamizhi: Embodies the spirit of the Tamil language and culture.

Thaarini: One who liberates.

Tanvi: Daughter of the forest

Tejaswini: A radiant and beautiful woman.

Tulsi: Purity, devotion, and good luck.

Thamara: Beauty, purity, and enlightenment.

Thulasi Mani: Auspicious Tulsi

Tara: Brilliance, guidance, and hope.

Trisha: Strength, protection, and power.

Tanya:  Beauty, magic, and royalty.

Tiya: Beloved.

Thejasri:   Good luck.

Umayal: Goddess Parvati.

Udayasri: Beautiful sunrise; a radiant and hopeful

Ulaganathan: Ruler of the world; a powerful

Uthaya: Sunrise

Urmila: Patience and a calm

Umashri: Wealthy Goddess Parvati

Unmai: Truth and honest

Uthra: Star; a celestial and luminous

Uyirin: Life; a vital and precious

Unnathi: Progress

Uyira: Soul; a spiritual

Unnatika: One who progresses; a motivated and ambitious

Urshita: Devoted; a dedicated and loyal

Ulaia: Playful; a lively and cheerful

Umaya: Goddess Durga; a strong and independent

Valli: A creeper or a small plant

Vanaja: Born of the forest, daughter of the forest

Vani: Speech, voice

Vasantha: Spring, youth

Vedhika: Altar, sacred place

Veni: River, wave

Vidya: Knowledge, wisdom

Vinita: Modest, humble

Viji: Seed, grain

Valarmathi: Brave daughter

Vedavalli: Goddess Saraswati

Vasundhara: The earth

Vaiga: River Cauvery

Velvi: Sacrifice, offering

Vennila: Moonlight

Vithya: Another spelling of Vidya

Varshini: Rainy season

Vasuki: Divine serpent

Vignita: Obstacles remover

Veechi: Brave

Vaishnavi: Devotee of Lord Vishnu

Vibha: Brightness, light

Veena: Musical instrument

Veda: Knowledge

Yaagini: Devotee of Goddess Parvati

Yamuna: Goddess of the Yamuna River, signifying purity and life

Yashaswini: Victorious, famous; associated with prosperity and success

Yogapriya: Lover of yoga; representing peace, harmony, and well-being

Yamini: Night, darkness; can also represent mystery and beauty

Yalini: Shining, radiant; symbolizing brilliance and achievement

Yathrika: Skilled wanderer, traveler; signifying adventurous spirit and independence

Yashika: Fame, glory; representing recognition and success

Yuvini: Young woman, maiden; can also represent youthfulness and vitality

Yara: Gentle, graceful; embodying kindness and sweetness

Yakshi: Mythical celestial beings known for their beauty and magic

Yamunaa: A more contemporary spelling of Yamuna, offering a fresh touch

Yoni: Source of creation, life; a deep and spiritual name

Yashica: Combination of Yashaswini and Yashika, blending victory and fame

Yilana: From the Tamil word for “star,” signifying brilliance and guidance

Ultimately, the best name for your baby girl is the one that resonates with you and your family. I hope these suggestions have given you some inspiration!

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