Celebrity-Inspired Baby Girl Names in Hindi and Tamil

Baby Girl Names in Hindi and Tamil
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The arrival of a baby girl is a magical time, filled with joy, anticipation, and the search for the perfect name. If you’re looking for something unique and special, why not draw inspiration from the dazzling world of celebrities? Bollywood and Kollywood stars have chosen beautiful names for their daughters, full of meaning and reflecting their personalities.

This guide will help you navigate the starlit sky of celebrity-inspired baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil. So here is the list of Celebrity-Inspired Baby Girl Names in Hindi and Tamil.

Are you ready to start this exciting journey? Now let’s get begin!

Aaradhya: Derived from a verse in Rig Veda meaning “worthy of worship,” this name gained popularity after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan chose it for her daughter.

Ananya: Meaning “unique” or “without a second,” made famous by Alia Bhatt’s character in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Aditi: Signifying “freedom” or “boundless,” this name gained recognition after actress Aditi Rao Hydari.

Aaliyah: Derived from Arabic, it means “exalted” or “highest,” associated with actress Alia Bhatt and singer Shreya Ghoshal.

Alisha: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “protected by God,” chosen by actress Malaika Arora Khan for her son Arhaan’s sister.

Anika: Hindi variation of Annika, which means “grace” or “favor,” known from Sonali Bendre’s daughter.

Anaika: Modern combination of “Ana” and “Ika,” meaning “full of grace” or “unique,” associated with actress Sonali Kulkarni.

Ahana: Vedic name meaning “dawn” or “first ray of light,” used by Juhi Chawla and Tabu for their daughters.

Aanya: Variant of Anya, known from actress Katrina Kaif’s character in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Akshara: Means “imperishable” or “syllable,” chosen by actress Sneha Ullal for her daughter.

Aishwarya: A beautiful and auspicious name meaning “wealth” or “goddess Lakshmi,” popularized by Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwaryaa: Tamil variation of Aishwarya, used by actress Abhirami.

Anjali: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “offering” or “mark,” famous in South Indian cinema.

Amala: Means “pure” or “spotless,” chosen by actress Nayanthara for her daughter.

Anika: Mentioned earlier, also popular in Tamil with similar meanings.

Akshaya: Tamil variant of Akshara, with the same meanings.

Akshara Gowda: Combination of Akshara and Gowda, used by actress Pranitha Subhash for her daughter.

Anya: Already mentioned, has gained traction in Tamil cinema as well.

Aadhya: Hindi origin, meaning “first power” or “beginning,” adopted by actress Trisha for her daughter.

Aadhirai: Refers to the constellation Ursa Major, known from actress Samantha Prabhu’s daughter.

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Babita: Inspired by the iconic actress Babita Shivdasani, mother of Karisma and Kareena Kapoor.

Bani: Inspired by the popular Punjabi singer Bani J.

Bhumi: Inspired by the talented actress Bhumi Pednekar.

Bollywood: Unique name inspired by the Indian film industry.

Brinda: Name of Madhuri Dixit’s character in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Bhavani: Inspired by actress Bhavani Reddy.

Bhoomika: Name of actress Bhoomika Chawla.

Brinda: Same as Hindi, meaning “goddess Durga.”

Bharathiraja: Derived from legendary filmmaker Bharathiraja, could be shortened to Bharathi.

Bonny: Cute and spunky name, can be inspired by actress Bonny Kapoor.

Bipasha: A beautiful name shared by Bengali actress Bipasha Basu and Marathi actress Bipasha Sawant.

Nayantara: Popular South Indian name shared by actresses Nayantara (Tamil) and Nayanthara (Malayalam).

Chaaya: Meaning “moonlight,” this name evokes gentleness and serenity.

Chahat: Signifying “desire” or “wish,” this name suggests hope and ambition.

Charvi: Derived from the word “charv,” it means “beauty” or “charm.”

Chhaya: Similar to Chaaya, it symbolizes the “reflection of light” or “moonlight.”

Chitra: Meaning “picture” or “painting,” this name is associated with creativity and artistic expression.

Champak: Referring to the fragrant “plumeria” flower, this name brings a touch of sweetness and elegance.

Chandini: Derived from “chand”, it means “moonlight” or “beam of light.”

Chandrika: Another name for the moon, it embodies beauty and serenity.

Charulata: A variation of Charu, it adds a touch of sophistication to the meaning “beautiful” or “graceful.”

Chandrakala: Combining “moon” and “art,” this name symbolizes beauty and artistic talent.

Chaitra: Meaning “spring” or “the first month of the Hindu calendar,” this name signifies new beginnings and fresh starts.

Chithra: Similar to the Hindi variant, it means “picture” or “painting.”

Charanya: Referring to “refuge” or “protector,” this name signifies strength and security.

Chellama: Meaning “darling” or “sweetheart,” this name exudes love and affection.

Chandini: As in Hindi, it means “moonlight” or “beam of light.”

Chimaya: Derived from “Chidambaram,” a sacred town associated with Lord Shiva, this name implies grace and spirituality.

Chithravani: Combining “picture” and “forest,” this name evokes a sense of creativity and connection to nature.

Chitrakshi: Meaning “beautiful eyes,” this name is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Chaaruhaasi: Referring to “charming smile,” this name brings a touch of joy and warmth.

Chithrarekha: Signifying “beautiful line,” this name suggests creativity and artistic flair.

Deepika: Inspired by Deepika Padukone, a leading actress known for her grace and versatility.

Dia: Inspired by Dia Mirza, an actress and environmentalist recognized for her beauty and intelligence.

Dhwani: Inspired by Dhwani Desai, a renowned playback singer with a melodious voice.

Drashti: Inspired by Drashti Dhami, a popular television actress known for her strong-willed characters.

Disha: Inspired by Disha Patani, a rising actress recognized for her fitness and athleticism.

Dhansika: Inspired by Dhansika, a successful actress and singer known for her bubbly personality.

Devika: Inspired by Devika Rani, a legendary actress and producer who is considered the first superstar of Indian cinema.

Dhanya: Inspired by Dhanya Balakrishna, a talented actress and director.

Dimple: Inspired by Dimple Kapadia, a versatile actress known for her elegance and charm.

Durga: Inspired by the powerful Hindu goddess representing strength and protection.

baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.
baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.

Ekta: Inspired by Ekta Kapoor, Indian film and television producer.

Esha: Inspired by Esha Deol, Indian actress.

Eshaani: Inspired by Eshaani Sharma, Indian-Canadian actress.

Elara: Inspired by Indian-Australian actress, Elli AvrRam.

Elsa: Inspired by the famous Disney character from “Frozen.”

Ezhil: Meaning “beauty” in Tamil.

Elakya: Meaning “goddess Lakshmi” in Tamil.

Eniyan: Meaning “queen” in Tamil.

Ezhara: Meaning “wave” in Tamil.

Eesha: Meaning “wish” in Tamil.

Evelyn Sharma: Indian-German actress with a beautiful and unique name.

Emraan Hashmi: Bollywood actor, whose daughter’s name is Samaira, which means “princess” in Hindi.

Freida: After Freida Pinto, the Indian-American actress who starred in Slumdog Millionaire.

Fara: A melodious name reminiscent of Indian actress and singer Farah Khan.

Falguni: Derived from the spring season, it also echoes the name of Bollywood actress Falguni Pathak.

Falak: Meaning “sky,” it resonates with the stage name of Pakistani singer Falak Shabir.

Fiza: Evocative of the melody and airiness associated with Sufi singer Fiza Ali.

Fatima: An Islamic name, also borne by Indian boxer Mary Kom real name Mangte Chungneijang.

Freya: Inspired by the Tamil actress of the same name, known for her roles in critically acclaimed films.

Priya: This common yet charming name is also the middle name of popular actress Trisha Krishnan.

Fiona: This unique Tamil name with Irish roots can be a tribute to actress Fiona, who has appeared in several regional films.

Faiza: Meaning “victory,” it shares a connection with Carnatic singer Faiza Aziz.

Fathima: A common Muslim name, also shared by playback singer Fathima Babu.

Francina: After Francina Arul, a renowned Tamil language writer and feminist.

Firdaus: Arabic name meaning “paradise,” with a poetic aura and suitable for both Hindi and Tamil.

Gauri: Inspired by Gauri Shinde, renowned film director known for her poignant storytelling.

Gunjan: Inspired by Gunjan Saxena, the first IAF combat pilot who flew missions during the Kargil War.

Gitanjali: Inspired by Gitanjali Shree, the celebrated author whose book “Tomb of Sand” won the International Booker Prize.

Geeta: Inspired by Geeta Kapoor, the evergreen actress known for her grace and versatility.

Gayatri: Inspired by Gayatri Devi, the iconic Maharani of Jaipur known for her beauty and political acumen.

Gargi: Inspired by Gargi, the intellectual philosopher mentioned in ancient Indian texts.

Geetika: Inspired by Geetika Tyagi, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.

Gayathri: Inspired by Gayathri Raghuraman, the acclaimed musician and composer.

Gauthami: Inspired by Gauthami Tadimalla, the versatile actress and director known for her strong screen presence.

Gopika: Inspired by Gopika, the iconic south Indian actress known for her charm and dance skills.

Gnanavathi: Inspired by Gnanavathi, the legendary music director who redefined Tamil film music.

Gowri: Inspired by Gowri Shankar, the renowned Bharatanatyam dancer and Padma Bhushan awardee.

Gunavathy: Inspired by Gunavathy Subramaniam, the first woman air traffic controller in Chennai.

Geetha: Inspired by Geetha Govindam, the iconic singer known for her melodious voice.

Gudiya: Inspired by Gudiya Maruti, the young actress who impressed audiences with her natural talent. (Hindi)

Gana: Inspired by Ganaa, the young and talented Tamil music composer who is taking the film industry by storm.

Hansika: Inspired by actress Hansika Motwani, known for her bubbly personality and charming screen presence. (Hindi)

Hema: A classic name meaning “golden”, reminiscent of legendary actress Hema Malini. (Hindi)

Hina: Elegant and melodious, a reference to actress Hina Khan, popular for her strong roles. (Hindi)

Harshita: Meaning “joyful”, evokes the vibrant energy of actress Harshita Kaur. (Hindi)

Hira: Sparkling and precious, like the gemstones, inspired by actress Hira Mani. (Hindi, Urdu)

Hansika: Same as the Bollywood entry, also popular in Tamil films.

Hema: A timeless choice in Tamil as well, meaning “gold”.

Haripriya: Beautiful and auspicious, with “Hari” meaning Lord Vishnu and “Priya” meaning beloved. Inspired by actress Haripriya. (Tamil)

Hansika Shetty: Combining the name Hansika with the surname of actress Rashmika Mandanna’s popular character in Pushpa. (Tamil)

Nayanthara: A top name in Tamil cinema, meaning “heroine of the eyes”. While not starting with H, it offers a strong and aspirational name.

baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.
baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.

Ishita: Inspired by actress Ishita Dutta, it means “desired” or “wished for.”

Ileana: Inspired by South Indian actress Ileana D’Cruz, it means “light” or “sunbeam.”

Isha: Simple yet elegant, this name originates from Sanskrit and means “goddess Parvati” or “wealth.”

Ira: Inspired by filmmaker Ira Khan, it has multiple meanings like “earth,” “speech,” or “faith.”

Inara: A unique name with Bengali roots, meaning “beautiful woman” or “one full of grace.”

Indira: A historical name, used by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, meaning “prosperous” or “wealthy.”

Ishana: Derived from Lord Shiva, it signifies “direction” or “ruler.”

Iniya: This melodious name means “sweet” or “pleasant.”

Isaiyani: A literary name meaning “musical notes,” perfect for a creative child.

**Ila: ** Short and sweet, it means “earth” or “protector.”

Indu: Inspired by actress Indhuja Ravichandran, it signifies “moon” or “beautiful woman.”

Illayarasi: A unique name meaning “young princess,” exuding royalty and grace.

Ishira: This charming name means “wealth” or “prosperity.”

Iniyaa Priya: Combining “sweet” and “loved one,” this name signifies a beloved daughter.

Jhanvi: Inspired by actress Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor, known for her elegance and grace.

Jiya: Popularized by actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s character in the movie “Jab We Met,” this name signifies joy and vibrancy.

Jaya: A classic name with royal connotations, reminiscent of actress Jaya Bachchan and her daughter Shweta Nanda Bachchan.

Jigyasa: Meaning “curiosity” or “desire to learn,” this name is perfect for a little girl with a bright and inquisitive mind, like actress Kangana Ranaut.

Jhanvikaa: A beautiful combination of “Jhanvi” and “Kaa” (meaning “water”), this name evokes a sense of serenity and grace.

Jyothika: A popular name in South India, made famous by actress Jyothika Saravanan, known for her strong and independent roles.

Janani: Meaning “mother” or “creator,” this name symbolizes the nurturing nature of a woman, like actress Radhika Sarathkumar.

Jaanu: A sweet and endearing name, like actress Nayanthara’s character in the movie “Naan.”

Janaki: A traditional name with mythological associations, referring to Sita, the wife of Lord Rama.

Jeyasri: Meaning “victorious goddess,” this name is perfect for a girl with a strong and determined spirit, like actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Jaivika: A fusion of Hindi “Jai” (meaning “victory”) and Tamil “Vikasini” (meaning “blooming”), this name symbolizes success and growth.

Jasmine: Inspired by actress Katrina Kaif’s character in the movie “Siddharth Jadhav,” this name has a charming and elegant vibe.

Kiara: Popularized by actress Kiara Advani, meaning “bright” or “light.”

Kanya: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s daughter’s name, meaning “girl” or “goddess.”

Kriti: A name gaining popularity thanks to Kriti Sanon, meaning “success” or “work.”

Kajol: A classic name with a timeless charm, like the actress Kajol.

Karisma: Evoking the elegance of Karisma Kapoor, meaning “miraculous” or “charismatic.”

Kareena: A strong and confident name, like Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Katrina: Short and sweet, reminiscent of Katrina Kaif.

Kiran: Inspired by former President of India, Kiran Bedi, meaning “ray of light.”

Kalpana: A name of a pioneer astronaut, Kalpana Chawla, meaning “imagination.”

Kamala: A powerful name, referencing former PM Indira Gandhi’s middle name.

Khusboo: A melodious name, like actress Khushboo Sundar.

Kaveri: A beautiful name, like actress Kaveri, derived from the famous Kaveri River.

Kajol: Again, a timeless choice, like actress Kajol.

Keerthy: Gaining popularity thanks to Keerthy Suresh, meaning “fame” or “glory.”

Khushbu: A sweet name, like actress Khushbu Sundar.

Krithi: A strong name, like actress Krithi Shetty.

Kajal: A charming name, like actress Kajal Aggarwal.

Kamakshi: A divine name, referring to a form of Goddess Parvati.

Kanaka: A rare and beautiful name, meaning “gold.”

Kalaiyarasi: A unique name, meaning “queen of arts.”

Kamini: A charming name, meaning “desired.”

Kavitha: A poetic name, meaning “poem.”

Lara: Inspired by Lara Dutta Bhupathi, former Miss Universe and actress.

Lata: A timeless classic, reminiscent of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Lakshmi: Derived from the goddess of wealth and prosperity, like actress Lakshmi Manchu.

Liya: Short and trendy, similar to the name chosen by Kajol for her daughter.

Latika: Meaning “a creeper,” evokes a sense of grace and beauty, like actress Latika Khanna.

Lavanya: Derived from goddess Parvati, signifying beauty and charm.

Laila: A poetic name meaning “night,” associated with singer Laila Majnu.

Laiqa: Unique and modern, inspired by Pakistani actress Laiqa Hasan.

Lopamudra: An ethereal name from Hindu mythology, meaning “hair like a flame.”

Lubna: A melodious name meaning “frankincense,” used by Indian-American actress Lubna Azim.

Lakshmi: Meaning “goddess of prosperity,” popularized by actresses like Lakshmi Kapoor and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan.

Lalitha: Elegant and feminine, meaning “beautiful” or “playful.”

Lavanya: A popular choice in Tamil cinema, signifying beauty and charm.

Leena: Short and sweet, meaning “tender” or “delicate.”

Lyca: Modern and unique, inspired by singer Lyca Nadar

Lalgudi: A melodious name, referring to the Lalgudi district known for its musical heritage.

Lakshmipriya: Meaning “dear to Lakshmi,” combining the goddess’s name with “priya” (dear).

Lohitha: Auspicious and vibrant, meaning “red flame.”

Lakshita: Meaning “marked with a goal,” signifying determination and ambition.

Lalitha Kala: A unique combination, meaning “fine arts of beauty.”

baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.
baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.

Madhuri: Inspired by the legendary Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, known for her grace and dancing skills.

Manisha: Inspired by the versatile actress Manisha Koirala, known for her powerful performances.

Malavika: Inspired by the beautiful and talented actress Malavika Mohanan.

Manushi: Inspired by the stunning Miss World 2017, Manushi Chillar.

Mithila: Inspired by the talented singer and composer Mithila Palkar.

Mira: Inspired by the stylish and successful fashion designer Mira Rajput Kapoor.

Muni: Inspired by the inspirational social media influencer Muniba Mazari.

Madhanya: Inspired by the popular playback singer Madhanya Iyer.

Mrithika: Inspired by the talented actress and model Mrithika Mohan.

Manasa: Inspired by the beautiful and graceful actress Manasa Radhakrishnan.

Madhavan: Inspired by the charming and versatile actor Madhavan.

Manjima: Inspired by the bubbly and energetic actress Manjima Mohan.

Meenakshi: Inspired by the stunning and talented actress Meenakshi Thiagarajan.

Manju: Inspired by the legendary actress Manju Warrier.

Nadira: Reminiscent of the legendary Bollywood actress Nadira, known for her grace and beauty.

Naina: Inspired by the popular actress and director Nandita Das, whose screen name is Naina.

Nushrat: A modern and elegant choice, echoing the talented actress Nushrat Bharucha.

Nimrat: A strong and captivating name, reflecting the acting prowess of Nimrat Kaur.

Naima: Meaning “precious” or “valuable”.

Naina: Meaning “eyes”.

Nikita: Meaning “victory”.

Niyati: Meaning “destiny” or “fate”.

Nirja: Meaning “lotus” or “pure”.

Nayanthara: A popular choice, inspired by the renowned Tamil actress and producer.

Namrata: Echoes the talented and versatile actress Namrata Shirodkar.

Nivedita: A beautiful name, reminiscent of the actress and singer Nivedita Thomas.

Nitya: Inspired by the acclaimed director and producer Nitya Mehra.

Nandita: Meaning “joyful” or “pleasing”.

Nila: Meaning “blue”.

Neema: Meaning “half” or “part”.

Nilam: Meaning “sapphire”.

Niharika: Meaning “mist” or “fog”.

Ophelia: Based on the charming character from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” Think Priyanka Chopra’s elegant and enigmatic Ophelia in “Bajirao Mastani.”

Oliwia: A modern twist on the classic Olivia, meaning “olive tree.” You could draw inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s graceful portrayal of Olive in “Om Shanti Om.”

Opal: A beautiful gemstone name signifying luck and purity. Reminiscent of Aishwarya Rai’s dazzling performance as Paro in “Devdas.”

Ojaswini: Radiant, full of light.

Omkari: Sound of the sacred “Om” mantra.

Oni: Graceful, delicate.

Oshima: Goddess of prosperity.

Orwa: Moonlight, beautiful as the night.

Oviya: Light, radiance. Reminiscent of actress Oviya, known for her bubbly personality and diverse roles.

Oruna: Goddess Durga, powerful and courageous. Similar to actress Nithya Menen’s fiery role in “Kumki.”

Oviyaa: Derived from Sanskrit “Ulavi,” meaning creeper plant. Similar to actress Priya Anand’s portrayal of the strong-willed Oviya in “Vaalu.”

Oviyam: Knowledge, wisdom.

Oorvani: Mother Earth, nurturing.

Omana: Beautiful woman, charming.

Olumel: Light of the world, radiant.

Olivetti: Graceful, elegant.

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Parineeti: “Perfection” or “Completeness.”

Priyanka:  “Love” or “Dear One.”

Pooja:  “Worship” or “Devotion.”

Preity:  “Beautiful” or “Lovely.”

Priya:  “Dear” or “Beloved.”

Priya: A sweet and meaningful

Priyamvada: “Beloved of Priyam.”

Priyadarshini: “One who brings joy.”

Parvathy: Meaning “Mountain daughter.”

Padmavati:  “Lotus flower.”

Piya: A short and trendy name, used by actress Piya Bajpai. Meaning: “Beloved” or “Darling.” (Can be used in Tamil too)

Peehu: A cute and playful name, inspired by actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur’s nickname. Meaning: “Peacock” or “Emerald.”

baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.
baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.

Qara: Inspired by Kareena Kapoor Khan, meaning “precious stone.”

Qishmat: Inspired by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, meaning “destiny” or “fate.”

Qamra: Inspired by Rani Mukerji, meaning “moon” or “beautiful.”

Qudsiya: Inspired by Alia Bhatt, meaning “holy” or “blessed.”

Qasima: Inspired by Deepika Padukone, meaning “distributor” or “provider.”

Quency: Inspired by Trisha Krishnan, meaning “fifth estate.”

Quinn: Inspired by Nayanthara, meaning “counsel” or “advice.”

Quaylee: Inspired by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, meaning “meadow.”

Qureshi: Inspired by Taapsee Pannu, meaning “woman of Qureshi tribe.”

Qudrat: Inspired by Anushka Shetty, meaning “power” or “nature.”

Radhika: Inspired by Radhika Madan, a rising star in Bollywood known for her versatility and strong performances.

Riya: A popular name across cultures, but gains Bollywood charm from actresses like Riya Sen and Riya Malik.

Rani: Evokes royalty and strength, reminiscent of iconic actresses like Rani Mukerji and Rani Rampal.

Ritika: Elegant and feminine, with shades of grace like actress and fashion icon, Ritika Sajdeh.

Rekha: A timeless classic, brought to life by the legendary and enigmatic actress, Rekha.

Rohan: Although traditionally a boy’s name, it can be adapted for girls with a unique twist, inspired by actress Rohan Mehra.

Radhya: A beautiful name meaning “worshipped,” connected to actress Radhya Thackeray.

Ruhani: Spiritual and serene, echoing the aura of actress Ruhani Sharma.

Ramya: Meaning “pleasing” or “beautiful,” associated with actresses like Ramya Krishnan and Ramya Krishnan.

Ratna: A gem or treasure, reminiscent of actress and dancer Ratna Pathak Shah.

Rakul: Modern and charming, inspired by popular and talented actress Rakul Preet Singh.

Revathi: Meaning “star” or “sun,” reminiscent of veteran actress Revathi.

Regina: Strong and regal, like the successful actress Regina Cassandra.

Radhika: As mentioned in Hindi, this name also holds its charm in Tamil with actresses like Radhika Sarathkumar.

Ramya: As mentioned in Hindi, this name also holds its charm in Tamil with actresses like Ramya Krishnan.

Richa: Meaning “wealth” or “prosperity,” associated with actress Richa Gangopadhyaya.

Rashmika: Popular and sweet, inspired by the rising star Rashmika Mandanna.

Riythwikha: Unique and melodious, echoing the name of actress Riythvika.

Rohini: Meaning “constellation” or “beautiful red deer,” associated with actress Rohini.

Ramya Krishnan: Using the full name of the talented actress as a unique and impactful choice.

Samaira: Inspired by Rohit Sharma’s daughter, meaning “enchanting” or “guardian.”

Saira: Inspired by Lara Dutta, meaning “poetess” or “princess.”

Shriya: Inspired by Shriya Saran, meaning “auspicious” or “prosperous.”

Sonakshi: Inspired by Sonakshi Sinha, meaning “daughter of gold” or “golden lady.”

Sanya: Inspired by Sanya Malhotra, meaning “dream” or “aspiration.”

Surbhi: Inspired by Surbhi Jyoti, meaning “fragrant” or “beautiful.”

Shraddha: Inspired by Shraddha Kapoor, meaning “faith” or “devotion.”

Samiksha: Inspired by Samiksha Gujarathi, meaning “analysis” or “critique.”

Sonali: Inspired by Sonali Bendre, meaning “beautiful” or “golden.”

Shilpa: Inspired by Shilpa Shetty, meaning “art” or “skill.”

Samantha: Inspired by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, meaning “heard” or “famous.”

Sneha: Inspired by Sneha Prasanna, meaning “love” or “affection.”

Surya: Inspired by Surya Sivakumar, meaning “sun” or “light.”

Sai Pallavi: Inspired by Sai Pallavi, meaning “goddess of prosperity” or “auspicious.”

Shriya: Also popular in Hindi, meaning “auspicious” or “prosperous.”

Shruti Haasan: Inspired by Shruti Haasan, meaning “musical notes” or “knowledge of the Vedas.”

Saanvi: Inspired by Saanvi Talpade, meaning “goddess Lakshmi” or “auspicious.”

Tara: Inspired by actress Tara Sutaria, known for her charming personality and graceful performances.

Twinkle: Borrowed from actress Twinkle Khanna, signifying intelligence and wit.

Trisha: A classic name echoing the elegance of actress Trisha Krishnan.

Taapsee: A modern name derived from actress Taapsee Pannu, suggesting strength and determination.

Tanishaa: A melodious name reminiscent of actress Tanishaa Mukerji, implying artistic flair.

Tanvi: Inspired by actress Tanvi Azmi, representing calmness and resilience.

Tanaaz: A playful name drawing from actress Tanaaz Irani, radiating joy and humor.

Tulsi: A spiritual choice based on actress Tulsi Kumar, signifying devotion and purity.

Tabu: A unique and enigmatic name like the actress herself, hinting at mystery and intrigue.

Tana: A short and sweet name referencing actress Tana Sharma, suggesting simplicity and elegance.

Trisha: A popular name reflecting the grace and beauty of actress Trisha Krishnan.

Tamizh: A meaningful choice celebrating the Tamil language and culture, like actress Tamizhselvi.

Tamizhselvi: A traditional name signifying “Daughter of Tamil,” associated with actress Tamizhselvi.

Trishaala: A powerful name inspired by Trishaala, meaning “protector” or “goddess of knowledge.”

Tamizhmani: A poetic name meaning “gem of Tamil,” reflecting the actress Tamizhmani’s charm.

Tamilarasi: A regal name meaning “Queen of Tamil,” evoking the elegance of actress Tamilarasi.

Tulasi: A spiritual name referring to the holy basil plant, like actress Tulasi Ramani.

Thenmozhi: A sweet name meaning “honey-like words,” inspired by actress Thenmozhi.

Tejaswini: A radiant name meaning “shining brightly,” like actress Tejaswini.

Tulasipriya: A devotional name meaning “beloved of Tulasi,” associated with actress Tulasipriya.

baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.
baby girl names in both Hindi and Tamil.

Urvashi: Evokes the ethereal beauty of actress Urvashi Rautela.

Urmila: A classic name, reminiscent of actress Urmila Matondkar.

Uttara: A strong and noble name, reminiscent of actress Uttara Bhaveja.

Umaima: A unique and charming name, inspired by singer Umaima Khan.

Unnati: A modern name signifying progress and growth, inspired by actress Unnati Singh.

Urmila: Also means “the earth,” a beautiful and grounding name.

Uma: Another name for Goddess Parvati, symbolizing strength and beauty.

Udayanti: A poetic name meaning “rising sun,” signifying hope and new beginnings.

Urmashee: A melodious name meaning “honey bee,” symbolizing sweetness and joy.

Urvi: A nature-inspired name meaning “plant” or “creeper,” signifying growth and resilience.

Urmila: A classic name, also used in Tamil cinema.

Umaima: A beautiful and unique name, with a Tamil sound.

Uthaya: A charming name meaning “dawn” or “morning,” inspired by actress Uthaya.

Urmila Devi: A powerful name combining the classic “Urmila” with “Devi” (goddess).

Uyare: A modern name meaning “magnanimous,” inspired by actress Nayanthara’s film.

Umayal: A melodious name meaning “grace” or “beauty.”

Usha: A poetic name meaning “dawn,” symbolizing new beginnings.

Umaiyal: A traditional name meaning “motherhood” or “fertility.”

Udaya: A nature-inspired name meaning “sunrise,” signifying hope and optimism.

Urvashi: A popular name in Tamil literature, symbolizing beauty and elegance.

Vaani: Inspired by Vaani Kapoor, known for her elegance and grace. 

Vidya: Inspired by Vidya Balan, admired for her strong portrayals and dedication to cinema. 

Veena: Inspired by Veena Malik, former Pakistani actress with a captivating personality. 

Veda: Inspired by Veda Shastri, talented young actress rising in the industry.

Vamika: Inspired by Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s daughter. 

South Indian Cinema (Mainly Tamil):

Veena: As above, meaning “lute” and symbolizing musical talent. 

Vedhika: Inspired by Vedhika Kumar, known for her beauty and versatility. 

Vasundhara: Inspired by Vasundhara Das, talented Telugu actress and singer. 

Trisha: Though starting with T, still a popular and beautiful name inspired by Trisha Krishnan. 

Nayanthara: Inspired by Nayanthara, one of the highest-paid and most successful actresses in India. 

Valentina: Inspired by Valentina Paloma Pinault, daughter of Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault. 

Victoria: Inspired by Victoria Beckham, fashion icon and former Spice Girl.

Vanessa: Inspired by Vanessa Bryant, philanthropist and wife of the late Kobe Bryant. 

Veronica: Inspired by Veronica Castro, Mexican actress and singer with a long career. 

Vaya: Inspired by Vaya Panjabi, Indian-American actress with a rising career. 

Vrinda: Inspired by Vrinda Grover, prominent lawyer and human rights activist.

Waheeda: Inspired by Waheeda Rehman, the legendary Bollywood actress known for her grace and elegance.

Wamiqa: A more modern and unique choice, possibly inspired by Indian cricketer Wriddhiman Saha’s wife, Romi Bawa.

Wihana: Evokes the meaning “dawn” or “morning light,” symbolizing a fresh start and new beginnings.

Winona: While not directly Indian, this Western name has its charm and carries the meaning “first-born daughter.”

Wanni: Derived from the Tamil word for “moon,” signifying beauty, purity, and tranquility.

Waiga: Meaning “a beautiful place,” perfect for evoking a sense of wonder and possibility for your daughter.

Wadana: Inspired by the ancient Tamil queen, meaning “abundance of beauty.”

Yakshini: Derived from the mythical Yakshis, beautiful and alluring celestial beings in Hindu mythology. Actresses Yami Gautam and Yami Gautam Dhar could be a source of inspiration.

Yamini: Meaning “night” or “dark-haired beauty.” It has a poetic and elegant feel.

Yashaswini: Signifying “fame”, “success”, or “glory.” Actresses Yashodhara Rao and Yashaswini Dayama might inspire this choice.

Yogita: “One who is connected to yoga” or “skilled in yoga.” It reflects calmness and spiritual connection.

Yamuna: Derived from the sacred Yamuna River, signifying purity and flow. Actress Yamuna could be the inspiration here.

Yogalakshmi: Combining “yoga” and “Lakshmi” (goddess of prosperity), representing spiritual wealth and good fortune.

Yarl: A charming name meaning “city of Jaffna” in Sri Lanka.

Yaalini: Meaning “bright”, “shining”, or “radiant.” It has a positive and optimistic connotation.

Yasmin: Arabic origin, meaning “jasmine flower.” You could draw inspiration from actress Yasmin Khan.

Yumika: Hindi or Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful” or “skillful.”

Zaara: Derived from the Arabic word “zahra,” meaning “blooming flower” or “radiant.” This name carries a positive connotation of beauty and brightness.

Zahira: An Urdu name meaning “shining” or “brilliant.” It evokes a sense of intelligence and success.

Ziya: Meaning “light” or “radiance” in both Persian and Hindi, this name suggests a bright and positive personality.

Zanaya: Though not directly linked to a celebrity, this modern Hindi name has gained popularity in recent years. It means “fairy” or “magical being.”

Zarina: An elegant name of Persian origin, meaning “gold.” It symbolizes preciousness and value.

Zalini: This rare Tamil name, meaning “beautiful hair,” adds a touch of uniqueness and charm.

Zinthiya: Inspired by the goddess Sita, this name denotes “fertile land” or “abundance.” It embodies hope and prosperity.

Zuriya: Though not of Tamil origin, this Hebrew name meaning “little princess” offers a sweet and endearing option.

Zarina: This Persian name, mentioned earlier, also works well in Tamil.

Zoya: This Russian name means “life” and holds a beautiful meaning.

Zainab: This Arabic name means “beautiful” or “graceful.” It could be a tribute to Indian actress Zainab Khan.

Ziyara: This name is a combination of “Zia” and “Zara” and means “light of princess.” It’s a unique and lovely option.

Zariyah: This is a more modern name with a similar meaning to “Ziyara.”

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