It can support your brain power.

Giving birth is one of the biggest life changes a woman faces. Sometimes it is even able to change the structure of a woman’s brain, and it definitely brings a lot of joy. But in addition to bringing endless happiness, giving birth later in life can also be beneficial for both mother and child, according to studies.

We have investigated several studies and we want to share what we find with our readers.

It can support your brain power.

It can support your brain power.
It can support your brain power.

One of the biggest advantages of having a baby in your thirties may be that late pregnancy positively influences a mother’s brain power.

Studies conducted on 830 participants aimed to find a link between having a baby later and cognitive functions in a middle-aged and later woman.

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Surprisingly, the results revealed that women who had their last pregnancy at age 35 or older had sharper verbal memory and better overall cognitive responses. Therefore, late pregnancy can improve the way a woman’s brain works later in life.

It’s better for a child’s physical and mental safety.

Whether it’s the increased level of responsibility that comes with age or something else, studies show that older mothers are better at protecting children from injury and supporting their mental health.

The research investigated more than 78,000 children aged 9 months to 5 years to observe the health and development of children born to older mothers.

The results showed that the older the mother, the less likely the child was to have “hospitalizations and unintentional injuries.” Children of older mothers have better language development and face fewer “social and emotional difficulties.”

You may be more prepared to have a child.

You may be more prepared to have a child.
You may be more prepared to have a child.

We all grow and become more mature as we age. However, when it comes to parenting, maturity can become a crucial factor in the mental condition of your children.

A study of adolescents born to older mothers traced the connection between late childbearing and the use of physical and verbal sanctions toward children. The results showed that older mothers are less likely to physically discipline and verbally punish their children.

The generally more relaxed environment results in fewer emotional and social difficulties for adolescents.

You may be more financially stable.

Having a child is certainly a happy thing, but it is anything but cheap. Studies show that the average family needs approximately $233,610 for food, shelter, and other necessities to raise a child to age 17.

However, the age at which a woman reaches her highest income is between 35 and 44 years. So by having a child later in life, a mother can provide everything the child needs without additional stress or financial hardship.

You may live longer.

Having babies later in life, mothers often worry that they won’t be around their children for so long and miss important events in their children’s lives, such as their weddings. However, studies show that women who give birth later are more likely to live longer.

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The study was conducted with more than 20,000 women. 54% lived to age 90, and the odds of living that long were significantly higher among women who gave birth later in life.

How old were you when you had a child? Do you think it’s better to get pregnant later in life?

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