How to Become Taller and Get Perfect Posture in 1 Week

How to Increase Height
How to Increase Height

Alice Robinson from England tried several popular techniques and managed to be 1.5 cm taller in one week thanks to lengthening her spine and increasing the height of the intervertebral disc by 1-2 mm. Correct posture will add one more inch to your height.

We would like to share what we can do to be taller.

How to Increase Height

How Is It Possible?

How to Increase Height
How to Increase Height

In fact, you get taller even while you sleep. 10 minutes lying on your back adds 5mm of height. This is due to the shrinking of the spine during the day and its recovery when lying down.

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You can make this last by doing certain exercises, although remember that an adult whose growth zones have been closed (> 25 years) won’t get any astonishing results.

Ride A Bicycle

Ride A Bicycle
Ride A Bicycle

To become taller by riding a bike, adjust the seat so that you need to stretch your legs to reach the pedals. However, do not place it too high or it may damage your joints.

Hang on A bar

This is a simple exercise. You don’t need to do push-ups – just hold onto the bar, stay there as long as possible, and gradually increase the time. Exercise helps strengthen your spinal and abdominal muscles.

Stand On Your Shoulders

Stand On Your Shoulders
Stand On Your Shoulders

In this position, stretch your legs as far as possible. It is essential to keep your body at a right angle and not allow your legs to drop sharply, or you could hurt yourself.

Do The “Cobra” Exercise

In addition to being good for your spine, this exercise can also stretch your back, abs, back of hips, and glutes.

Do Body Bends

While bending, try to keep your legs straight and touch your toes. Start out carefully and gradually increase the number and depth of the bends.


You can jump rope, play basketball, or just jump on the spot. Exercise helps strengthen your bones and muscles, and you will get a little taller over time.


Swimming tops the list of exercises that will help you grow. In water, the load on your bones and intervertebral discs is much less and your joints become more mobile. This makes it easier to increase the height.

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What You Should Mind

Some other factors that influence your height include:

  • Your diet
  • Deep sleep.

To get taller, you need to consume sufficient amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and other elements and vitamins that your body needs to function properly.

You must sleep on a hard surface. It is best to choose a suitable orthopedic mattress and matching pillow.


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