I Did Bodyflex for 15 Minutes Every Day, and Here’s What Happened to My Body

Vacuum Exercise
Vacuum Exercise

6 months ago I visited my hometown for a high school reunion. I haven’t seen my schoolmates in a long time! And I was nervous — time hasn’t been kind to me. Now I had wrinkles, cellulite, and was carrying 11 kilos more! But that night changed my life, it was totally fatal for me. First, I met my future husband! Second, it forced me to learn about Bodyflex.

Today, I would like to tell you more about my journey and the Bodyflex method itself. Hope it’s worth thinking about!

I Did Bodyflex for 15 Minutes Every Day
I Did Bodyflex for 15 Minutes Every Day

What Is Bodyflex And How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Bodyflex is an exercise system invented by an American housewife and mother of 3, Greer Childers. Greer became extremely overweight after giving birth to her third child. Faced with problems in her personal life, along with low self-esteem and an inability to choose a desirable wardrobe, Greer tried several different methods of losing weight.

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But none of them seemed to produce tangible results. That’s when Greer created her own exercise technique and went down 5 sizes in just 3 months!

The same happened to me. I lost 30 pounds in half a year, started my own business, and finally got married!

Here`re the results of my friends:

What Is Bodyflex And How It Can Help You Lose Weight
What Is Bodyflex And How It Can Help You Lose Weight

The key is to breathe properly and stretch problem areas. Somebody flex exercises are based on well-known yoga techniques. But Greer added her interesting breathing technique: an exhale, a rapid breath, a full exhale, and hold, followed by another breath.

Surprisingly, doing breathing exercises provides an adrenaline rush that pulls the fat under the skin. And by straining your muscles, you burn it. In the images above you can clearly see the results of this type of exercise.

Perform this technique in the morning on an empty stomach or 4 hours after a meal.

Vacuum Exercise

Vacuum Exercise
Vacuum Exercise

Breathing in bodyflex is the most important aspect of this. If you breathe correctly, you will get better results. Bodyflex is based on the vacuum exercise. All exercises start with this. To do it correctly, follow this guide to perform the proper breath cycle:

Stand in the posture shown in the picture: half side, legs apart from the body, leaning slightly forward. This stance is also called the “basketball player position.”

Free your lungs of air. Exhale only with your mouth. Curl your lips as if to pronounce “oo”, then breathe out slowly, trying to completely empty your lungs for your next breath.

Take a breath. An inhale in body flex should be done only through the nose, with the mouth closed. Try to inhale as deeply as possible so that your lungs are full.

Take a sharp exhale. Remember that air is released through the mouth, but at this stage the lips are curved. Exhale the air quickly while making a “pahh” sound.

Hold your breath. When performing this part of the breathing exercise, you need to lower your head and contract your stomach. Count slowly. On the eight counts, go to the next point.

To break. Stay in the starting position. Relax your muscles while breathing calmly through your nose. Start the cycle again.


This exercise will tighten the inner surface of your thighs. Remember that all bodyflex exercises begin with the breathing cycle.

Sit with your legs wide apart as shown in the picture. Lean your legs back and sweep your breath until the next pause.

Lean your body forward and hold your breath for 8 seconds. Your hands should be stretched out in front of you, your shoulders lowered, and your stomach pulled up.

Repeat 5 times.


This is an effective exercise for the waist. It will also help relax your lower back and strengthen the outer surface of your thighs.

Sit on a mat and cross your legs so that the left knee is over the right. The right leg should be kept as straight as possible, horizontally.

Put your left hand behind your back and grab your left knee with your right hand. Do a breathing cycle.

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Shift your weight onto your left arm, lift your left knee toward your body with your right hand, and rotate your body to the left until you can look back. Hold this position for 8 to 10 counts.

Exhale and relax. Repeat 5 times.

Have you ever practiced bodyflex? Share your experiences with us in the comments!


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