National Voters Day: Why Voting Matters! expalined

national voters day
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On January 25, 2011, the first National Voters’ Day was held to get more young people to vote.

Every year on January 25, National Voters’ Day is held to urge people to go to the polls. Since this is the 12th year, it is being observed.

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History of Voting Day

On January 25, 2011, the first National Voters’ Day was held to get more young people to vote. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in charge of the Union government, which agreed with a plan from the law office.

Ambika Soni, who used to be the minister of information and media. He said that new voters who turned 18 were less interested in joining the voting rolls.

Soni said that the Election Commission agreed to start a nationwide attempt to find all eligible voters who will be 18 years old on January 1 of each year in all voting places across India. This is to deal with the problem.

This kind of voter would be signed up and given an Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) on January 25 of each year.

National Voters Day: Why Does Voting Matter?

It is a democracy in India. Each and every person has the right to vote. He or she has the right to choose a leader based on who they believe can best lead the country, solve everyday problems, bring about change, etc. The day we choose our leaders is very important to India because the future of the country depends on them.

National Voters Day: Why Voting Matters
National Voters Day

Think for a moment about how the people of the country will be affected by the lack of growth and development if we don’t step up and pick the right boss. The boss of the country makes decisions about many important big projects and other things. Problems with connecting to the power grid, roads that aren’t built properly. Other things could happen if the basic system isn’t built correctly. Because of this, we should push young people to take part and build a strong network for the next group that will always make sure to vote.

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Everyone knows that the right to vote isn’t easy to get; people all over the world have fought hard for it. Since we became independent, our Constitution has made sure that all people have the same right to vote, regardless of their merit, gender, race, or caste. The right to vote is rightly seen as the most important thing for a democracy to work well. It expects all voters, but especially young people who are getting their first chance to vote, to be responsible and use their right to vote honestly, and to encourage others to do the same.


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