National Youth Day 2024: 5 Life Lessons from Swami Vivekananda

National Youth Day
National Youth Day

National Youth Day is celebrated on 12 January on Annually to honor the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. This celebration, which coincides symbolically with the start of a new year, honours Vivekananda’s ideal of worldwide brotherhood while honoring the ability of youth to alter India. Because of the special timing, young people have a chance to consider their potential and contribute towards a peaceful, enlightened future for the country. On this specific date in 2024, the youth stand together, reaffirming their responsibility as agents of change.

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was the greatest spiritual leaders of India. He was born in January 12, 1863, in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and passed on July 4, 1902, close to Calcutta. He aimed to fuse Indian spirituality with Western material advancement, arguing that the two enhanced and reinforced each other. His Absolute was each person’s own better self; serving humanity was the highest calling.. He was a tornado of knowledge, passion, and steadfast commitment to helping everyone realize their full potential.

He received his education in a university that followed Western philosophy, Christianity, and science. Vivekananda joined the Brahmo Samaj (Society of Brahma), committed to ending child marriage and illiteracy and promoting education for women and the lower castes. Social change became a central theme in his thinking. Later on, he rose to prominence as one of Ramakrishna’s disciples, proving the fundamental unity of all religions.

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5 Life Lessons from Swami Vivekananda

Millions of people have been inspired by his life, teachings, and words over many decades. He was inspiration and wisdom personified. He had the ability to both clearly but forcefully communicate lofty ideas and kindle hearts with a spiritual quest. Here are a few of Swami Vivekananda’s sayings that have stood the test of time and still inspire others who are on their travels.

You develop as you believe: “You will be whatever you believe. You will be weak if you think yourself weak; strong if you think yourself powerful; unclean if you think yourself impure; and pure if you think yourself pure.”

What will push you forward: I wish all of my children to outshine me a hundred times. I’m telling you, you all have to be giants. Nothing can stop you if you have these three qualities: obedience, willingness, and love for the cause.

3 Golden rules of life: Who is helping you, don’t forget them. Who loves you, don’t hate them. Who is believing you, don’t cheat them.

Believe in yourself: “The world will be at your feet if you let others say whatever they want and maintain your own convictions. “Have faith in this fellow or that fellow,” they say, but I respond, “Have faith in yourself first.” It is the method.

Never get worried about your mistakes: Ignore the difficulties and errors. A cow is just a cow, never a man, even though I’ve never heard one lie. Therefore, disregard minor mistakes and small regressions; maintain the standard a thousand times, and if you still fail, try again.

Learn meaningful lesson that may help you to build a confidence in yourself and also helped in to build your career.

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