After DM examines his phone and finds that the UP teacher played Candy Crush and utilized social media during work hours, teacher suspended.

News from Uttar Pradesh: Due to wrongdoing during work hours, a government school teacher in the Uttar Pradesh district of Sambhal was placed on leave. During school hours, Priyam Goyal, the teacher, was observed accessing social media, playing Candy Crush, and conversing on his phone.

District Magistrate Rajendra Pansiya found a number of mistakes in the notebooks of the kids during an unexpected examination. Pansiya discovered 95 errors in six kids’ notebooks, nine of which were on the opening page.

During duty hours, Assistant Teacher Priyam Goyal spent over two hours playing Candy Crush, 26 minutes talking on the phone, and 30 minutes utilizing social networking applications, according to the Digital Well-Being function on his phone.

During school hours, assistant teacher Priyam Goyal spent 56 minutes on phone conversations and social media applications and over two hours playing Candy Crush, according to the device’s Digital Well-Being feature.

The component for digital well-being keeps track of the amount of time spent using apps.

The District Magistrate conveyed her dismay while highlighting how crucial it is for educators to concentrate on their students’ education rather than their own interests when they are in class.

“Teachers should concentrate on reviewing students’ assignments and homework to make sure they are receiving a high-quality education. Additionally, the District Magistrate informed reporters, “Using mobile phones for personal reasons during school hours is not right. However, using them is not a problem.”
Afterwards, Goyal was suspended by the state education department once it became aware of the situation.

Concerning the order from the Uttar Pradesh education department, a user posted on social media platform X and received a number of responses.

Certain users expressed their opinion that the UP government school ought to have fired him, while others questioned if a District Magistrate had the right to inspect a government employee’s mobile phone. 


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