HIV Tripura case

Drug abuse: 828 tested positive & 48 dead in Tripura

According to a Tripura State AIDS Control Society (TSACS) official, 47 students have passed away from HIV in Tripura, and 828 of them have tested positive for the virus this week.

“So far, 828 pupils who are HIV positive have been registered. Of them, 572 students are still with us, while 47 have passed away with the dreadful virus. A top TSACS official stated that many of the students had left Tripura to pursue higher education at prestigious universities around the nation.

TSACS’s joint director gave a statistical analysis of the general HIV situation in Tripura at a media workshop organized by Web Media Forum, TSACS, and the Tripura Journalist Union.

Up to 220 schools and 24 colleges and universities have been identified by the Tripura State AIDS Control Society as having injectable drug users among their student body.
Data from 164 healthcare facilities around the state were gathered by the TSACS, and these data were crucial in revealing how the infection progressed geographically and demographically. Before making this presentation, reports are gathered from practically all of the blocks and subdivisions, the official stated.

How did the HIV spread?

The state’s HIV epidemic is mostly caused by injectable drug usage.

According to the official, “Children who test positive for HIV typically come from wealthy families. In several households, both parents work for the government and don’t think twice about giving in to their kids’ requests.By the time they realise that their children have fallen prey to drugs, it is too late.”

What was said by the government?

The Tripura administration, meanwhile, made it clear that the numbers discussed span a 25-year timeframe.
According to the authorities, 47 people lost life due to the terrible sickness, leaving 572 students alive out of 828 sufferers. It further stated that a large number of Tripura students had left the state to pursue higher education at prestigious universities around the nation.


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