Popular Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Qualities of MATA SITA!!

Popular Baby Girl Names in Hindi Inspired by the Qualities of Mata Sita
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Within Hinduism, there are several gods and goddesses adored. They are also referred to by a variety of names. Many individuals like to give their children names associated with these gods and goddesses. It is believed that bestowing upon your daughter the name of a goddess bestows upon her the attributes of a goddess as well. Goddess Sita, the spouse of Lord Rama, is also revered highly. Your daughter can have any name related to Mata Sita. 

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Some of the names are: 

Bhoomi: Goddess Sita was born and died in the land.

Janaki: Being the daughter of Janak, Mata Sita was called by the name Janaki.

Siya: This name means Goddess Sita.

Mrinmayi: The one made from clay.

Lakshak: Mata Sita is also known by this name and at the same time it is unique and modern.

Popular Baby Girl Names in Hindi Inspired by the Qualities of Mata Sita
mata sita names for baby girl

Kshitija: This name is very different and also lovely.

Sitashi: If the little angel’s name starts with the letter ‘S’ then you can name this.

Vaidehi: Goddess Sita’s father was called the king of Videh.

Maithili: Goddess Sita was also known by this name because she was the daughter of Maithila king.


Who is Goddess Sita? 

In Hinduism, Sita is the deity of Rama’s spouse. The main events of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana are her kidnapping by the demon king Ravana and her eventual rescue.

King Janaka reared Sita, who was not his daughter but rather emerged from a ditch when he was tilling his land. She followed her husband into exile after Rama bent Shiva’s bow to win her as his bride. Despite being taken to Lanka by Ravana, she managed to remain a virgin by focusing her heart on Rama during her protracted captivity. 

Upon her return, she declared herself pure and demonstrated it by willingly going through a fire experience. However, out of respect for the consensus, Rama exiled her to the wilderness. Kusha and Lava, their two children, were born there. She prayed for her mother Earth to consume her once they grew up and were recognized by Rama as his sons.

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What things to remember while naming your daughter?

Some considerations to think about while naming your daughter are:

  1. Uniqueness: Ensure that the child’s name reflects their personality and is unique.
  2. Initials: Take note of how the initials seem when they are written down and spoken aloud.
  3. Nicknames: Try shortening the name to come up with a nickname.
  4. Family: Think about your ancestry and family tree. Take into consideration hyphenating the child’s last name if the parents have distinct last names.
  5. Meaning: Examine the meaning of the name as well as its many spellings.
  6. Siblings: Take into account the other siblings’ names.
  7. Parents: Select a name that you, your spouse, and your children will like for years to come.
  8. Culture: Take into account your religious and cultural inclinations. 

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