The Best Winter Getaways for a February Escape

Winter Getaways for a February Escape

Best Winter Getaways for a February Escape: Looking for the best winter vacation spots? We look for sunny areas to visit in December, January, and February every year.

Traveling in winter provides us something to look forward to when the days shorten. This is vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing!

Best winter travel destinations include longer days, dry seasons, and great weather to escape northern cold. Below are my favorite winter places in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

Best Winter Getaways for a February Escape:

Miami-South Florida

Miami boasts the warmest winter climate in the contiguous US, making it the greatest and easiest winter getaway.

Miami is hot (thanks, Will Smith) even during blizzards that cover NYC in snow and ice, as I’ve experienced in November and December.

When I researched the warmest US cities for winter getaways, Miami came out on top with 74-75 degrees F daily highs in January and February.

In Miami, I love snapping photos at the Wynwood art walls, eating Cuban food on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, and doing a self-guided art deco architecture walk in Miami Beach.


Hawaii will remain America’s vacation paradise. It is one of the warmest US destinations in December, January, and February. Hawaii averages 75-80 degrees from November to March, depending on islands and their southern or western shores.

Hawaii is the perfect winter getaway. Winter waves on Oahu’s north shore are huge! This suits adventurous surfers and spectators. December brings the Vans Pipe Masters surfing world cup to Ehukai Beach (Banzai Pipeline). In winter, Honolulu’s south shore waves are calm and peaceful.

The shorter days in December mean you don’t have to wake up as early to catch a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise (try Haleakala on Maui).

Most of Hawaii has nighttime temperatures of 65 degrees in December, January, and February (about 5:45pm in December, compared to 4:30 pm on the East Coast).. No passport needed!

Hawaii travelers must be mindful and respectful. It’s crucial to understanding Hawaiian politics, US colonization and militarization, and how tourism and gentrification have displaced native Hawaiians. Be aware of how recent natural disasters, like the Maui wildfires, will affect local communities this winter.

Canary Islands, Spain

We only recently discovered the Canary Islands, but we’ve gone there twice—in winter and summer. Our extensive research shows that the Canary Islands are the hottest EU destination in winter.

The south and east portions of Tenerife, notably El Teide National Park and Gran Canaria, get the most sun. The Canary Islands’ warmest regions year-round.

Winter is a great time to tan at Gran Canaria’s Maspalomas Dunes and Tenerife’s southern beaches and witness unique volcanic scenery.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

If you visit Tel Aviv between December and February, you can enjoy sunny days with highs in the mid 70s and beach time.

Israel is a great cultural destination with many attractions in close proximity. In the Dead Sea, where temperatures are in the 70s and 80s year-round, you can swim and float in the saltiest body of water on Earth.

We propose sharing a private room with a friend or significant other in Israel because the cost is similar to Europe.

Abraham Hostels offers fantastic hostel dorms for lone travelers.

In winter, the rest of Israel gets cool, and Jerusalem can get snow.

Tel Aviv stays in the 70s throughout winter, making it a fantastic getaway for European tourists, Israeli inhabitants, and international visitors to see the Mediterranean beach culture.

Colombia: Cartagena, Santa Marta

In January and February, numerous US locations offer cheap flights to Cartagena. Don’t worry if you just have December off!

Travelers find Cartagena cheap and steamy year-round. Daytime temperatures are 85 F and nighttime 75 F, but humidity makes it feel warmer.

Looking at Cartagena’s oceanCartagena, Colombia, blue and pink water homePhotos of smart phones snapping sunset photos
Cartagena and its tropical island archipelagos feature magnificent beaches, lots of sun all winter (dry season begins in February), and are perfect winter vacations for couples. A private hostel room costs $40 to $75 USD.

Mid-range hotels cost $100–200 USD, and there’s a lot of value!

Because you may avoid Cartagena’s international tourist prices, Santa Marta is considerably cheaper. Santa Marta’s colonial center is more relaxed and authentic.

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