The Top 5 Books to Read This February

The Top 5 Books to Read This February

5 Books to Read This February: Since it’s cold outside and gets dark at 5, we really want to stay home, read a good book, and curl up under our best blanket. Here are seven of the best new books to read in February. They range from a twisty story set on a remote Thai island to a funny first book for Schitt’s Creek fans.

5 Books to Read This February:

1. The Resort: A Novel by Sara Ochs

Warning: this is a twisty movie. Cass, a professional diver, has lived on a remote island in Thailand for nine years in law professor Sara Ochs’s first book. She has been able to run away from her difficult past on the island with the so-called Permanents. A group of expats who don’t think about who they were before they moved there. But when a dead dive student is found, Cass’s dream world falls apart. Someone is ready to kill more people to make sure that justice is done for Cass.

2. And How Does That Make You Feel?: Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know About Therapy by Joshua Fletcher

This is a great new book from psychotherapist and radio host Joshua Fletcher. Fans of his 2019 hit self-help book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone will love it. Based on four case studies of clients, Fletcher lifts the veil of secret around therapy, which he thinks is a job that people don’t fully understand.

He writes about the sounds in his own head that help and hurt his treatments. As well as the nonlinear paths his clients take to get better. And How Does That Make You Feel? is open, honest, and funny, and it gives surprising information about therapy in order to make the talk about mental health more normal.

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3. Ellen Baker wrote a book called The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson.

In 1924, Cecily Larson’s mother dropped her off at a home in Chicago, even though she didn’t want to. She says she will come back when she has some money, but she never does. When Cecily turns seven, she is sold to a moving circus. Once Cecily thinks she has found the family she wants, she falls in love as a teen, which changes her life in a dangerous way. Now it’s 2015, and Cecily is 94 years old.

She lives a quiet life in Minnesota with her daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson. Then, as a treat, her family gives her a DNA test at home. The results make her question everything she thought she knew about her family for almost 70 years.

4. The book Greta & Valdin was written by Rebecca K. Reilly

This funny first show, which has been compared to Schitt’s Creek and Sally Rooney, is about two brothers who have bad luck. Valdin is…fine a year after his ex-boyfriend broke up with him. He works hard at his job and lives in Auckland with his sister Greta. Because of his job, Valdin has to go to Argentina, where his ex-girlfriend now lives.

This makes him face the feelings he’s been trying to ignore. At the same time, Greta, who is in her 20s, would love to focus on her love life, but her crazy family life keeps getting in the way. Greta & Valdin is a funny and relatable book about difficult relationships between siblings and the crazy Māori, Russian, and Catalonian family.

5. The book After Annie by Anna Quindlen

New York Times top author Anna Quindlen’s most recent book, Rise and Shine, A Short Guide to a Happy Life, is about hope and how bad things can change us in ways that we’ll never forget. Annie’s husband, children, and best friend are left to figure out how to move on without the woman who has been the center of their lives.

Their eldest daughter has to become a big sister overnight to take care of her younger brothers, and her best friend is still struggling with the bad habits Annie helped her get rid of. They are all saved by Annie over the next year, who shows those closest to her that loved ones are never really gone.


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