What should be image in your blog : Here are some tips

What should be your image size

What should be your image size: Customer visits your blog, you only have seconds to get them interested in reading your post. Placing well-thought-out pictures inside your blog posts is the best way to get potential customers to spend time reading them. It could be any kind of graph, chart, picture, or visual style. In fact, choosing pictures for your blogs brings in an amazing 94% more readers!

What should be your image size, confused about it: Here are some tips

If you haven’t seen the point of getting pictures for your blogs yet or don’t know where to start, the tips below will help you choose.

Pick image that are appropriate for your blogs

Before you choose a picture for your blog, make sure it fits with the post and is something that your readers can connect to. That is, any picture will not work. In this case, putting your company’s name on a blog post about “The Top 5 Ways to Increase Productivity” has nothing to do with what the reader wants to learn. But adding a picture of a graph with a gradual slope to the same story can get people interested.

Pick images that attract readers

You want your pictures to be useful, but don’t think that usefulness means they aren’t creative. A picture of a single tulip might work for a blog post about “Spring Flowers,”. But a picture of a properly put together tulip bouquet, a bright tulip field, or a close-up of tulip petals will make a much bigger effect. Also, remember these things:

If you like taking pictures and editing them, you can take pictures and make them look great.
You can change the look of your photos with Paint and Photoshop even if you don’t know much about changing photos.
You can buy pictures online if you don’t want to or have time to take and edit your own photos for your blogs.

Choose images of good quality

When you choose your pictures, you need to make sure they are clear and don’t look grainy or pixelated. When you download a picture that is very clear, it may not be as clear when you change its size for blog posts. Pick pictures that have twice as much quality as you need, as a general rule. These changes will give them more options for future marketing and online content besides the blog post you have in mind. Also, keep in mind that some pictures are taken so that some parts of them are blurred on purpose for artistic reasons.

image optimization

Pick shareable images

As part of good content marketing, you should make it easy for people who visit your blog to tell others about your business, product, service, or blog. Making your blog posts and images “shareable” means that they can be shared on social media sites or through email. When you post something on social media with a picture, it’s 37% more likely to get interaction, likes, shares, and clicks to learn more.

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Optimize your images for mobile

Remember which blog posts the pictures go with after you buy them for your blogs. This will help you decide when and where to use your pictures in the future. This includes future blog posts, your website, marketing papers that you hand out in person, social media posts, email campaigns, landing pages, and anything else where a relevant picture will make people more interested.


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