Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day: They sang “money can’t buy me love,” which I know is true, but on Valentine’s Day, everyone feels like they need to spend a lot of money. Yes, really! People in the US expected to spend $25.9 billion, or $192.80 each, on Valentine’s Day in 2023.1

It’s a lot of heart-shaped gifts, fancy meals, and over-the-top romantic acts. But what do you know? You don’t have to spend almost $200 on your partner to show your love or have a phenomenal time together. Check out these 6 low-cost Valentine’s Day date ideas to get to know your partner and save money at the same time.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1. Stay home and watch a movie and eat dinner.

A classic date night is dinner and a show, but it can get pricey really quickly. There is a tip that you should always leave at a nice place, even on holidays. And movie tickets are so expensive that you should get a high five from the stars in real life for what you paid to see them on the big screen.

Here’s a cheap way to change up this classic date. Throw a dinner party with candles at home and watch a love story on a streaming service you already have. You can take it easy at home while everyone else is rushing to make plans and find a babysitter.

2. Get out on the highway

This is a simple but fun journey… Get in the car with the person you love and drive. Do not go too far if you want to save gas. For example, go to an antique shop at the end of a winding country lane or a park where you can walk while drinking hot cocoa while wearing lots of warm clothes. Go to a town you’ve never been to before, a famous location, or an old favorite place and take a new picture of the two of you there.

Make sure you have a set ready to listen to while you drive. (And don’t forget to add your favorite song for an extra sweet touch.)

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3. Have a night of games

This is the best cheap date night ever. Everyone loves a good board game and some friendly competition. Get some old games out of the closet or buy (or borrow) a new one. Do you like video games more? Then you can also take that way.

You might get hungry from playing games, so bring some Valentine’s Day-themed snacks with you. Get some red velvet cupcakes, sweet talky hearts, or the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates.

4. Go to an art gallery

Most of the time, museum tickets aren’t too expensive. If you go to your local library, you might even find coupons or free passes to see shows. While you walk through the marble rooms, learn something new about art, history, or each other. List your favorite and least favorite things. Make up new names for the art or act like stuffy art critics to change things up and make the date more fun.

This idea, along with a home-cooked dinner and a movie or game night, will make for a fun-filled day.

5. Go on a hike or a short walk in the woods.

Take some water bottles and a lunch with you. If you want to be really healthy, you could also bring kombucha. Getting away from the stress of everyday life and into nature is the best way to connect with yourself. You’ll be surprised at how well you can talk to someone while hiking up a mountain or taking a slow stroll through the woods. Plus points for all the movement and fresh air you’ll get. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, why not work out your heart at the same time? (And if you really don’t like being outside—I know, I’m guilty—a long walk around the neighborhood will do.)

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6. Walk through a garden center or botanical garden.

Do not send a dozen long-stemmed roses for $100. Instead, visit a tree and flower nursery or botanical park. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on flowers that will only last a few days, why not spend that money on a plant that will possibly last a lot longer? For your garden, you can pick out a bush or tree at the nursery. You can also buy flower bulbs to plant now and wait for them to bloom when it gets warmer (spring is coming, you know). Don’t forget to take pictures of the beautiful views when you visit botanical parks.


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