Safer Internet Day 2024: Theme & History

Safer Internet Day 2024: Theme & History

Safer Internet Day is marked on second Tuesday of February. It will take place on February 6, 2024. Safer Internet Day aims to promote a safer internet and a positive environment. This global event raises awareness about the importance of creating a safer and more positive online environment, especially for young people.

The internet is an amazing tool for connection, knowledge, and fun. But just like any vast landscape, it has its dangers. Cyberbullying, misinformation, and online scams are the challenges. That we face in the digital world. ️Everyone should be aware of how they can protect themselves from the challenges of the digital world.


In order to promote a more pleasant and safe online environment, especially for children and teenagers, more than 200 countries and territories observe Safer Internet Day (SID). However, where did it all start, and how did it change to become the significant event that it is today? Let’s take the journey back in time to discover the remarkable background of Safer Internet Day.

The Spark: 2004 – Safe Borders and the Seeds of Change

The EU SafeBorders project is where the beginning of Safer Internet Day began in 2004. This movement, which recognised the growing concerns about online safety, especially for youth, organised the first-ever Safer Internet Day on February 6th.The international campaign started in 14 nations (Australia and 13 EU nations).

Building Momentum: 2005-2008 – Insafe Takes the Lead

In 2005, the Insafe network of European Safer Internet Centres (SICs) took the reins of Safer Internet Day. With 30 countries and 65 organisations taking part in a day full of events and activities aimed at increasing awareness, its reach rapidly grew. A children’s online adventure story challenge and the creation of a dedicated website were established during these early years, showing the creative and compelling method that continues to define Safer Internet Day today.

Going Global: 2009-2013 – Spreading the Message Worldwide

Safer Internet Day had really spread over the world by 2009. In order to link nations outside of the Insafe network and increase the campaign’s global reach, the idea of Safer Internet Day Committees was presented. Now that more than 100 committees collaborate with the Insafe team, SID has actually spread over the globe.

A Decade of Growth: 2014-2023 – A Focus on Diverse Themes and Impact

Safer Internet Day has addressed a variety of subjects during the last ten years. Each of which reflects the difficulties and changing online environment. Every year’s theme has spurred significant discussions and motivated action, ranging. From “Connect with Respect” in 2014 to “Together for a Better Internet” in 2024.

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Theme of Safer Internet Day 2024:

The theme of Safer Internet Day 2024 is Together for a Better Internet. This theme focuses on the importance of everyone working together to create a safer internet and a more positive environment. These are some key messages for Safer Internet Day 2024, given below:

  • Together we can make a difference: Everyone has a role to play in creating a safer and better internet.
  • Respect and kindness online: Treat others online with the same respect you would show them in person.
  • Critical thinking and creativity: Use your skills to identify misinformation and create positive content.
  • Support and help: If you or someone you know needs help online, there are resources available.

Explore specific resources for various groups:


In this article, you’ll learn about the history of Safer Internet Day and its theme of 2024. The evolution of Safer Internet Day themes reflects the changing online landscape and its challenges. From early calls for respectful communication and online safety to addressing cyberbullying, promoting digital wellbeing, and encouraging positive change, each theme has left its mark on the global conversation about making the internet a better place


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