Top 7 Budget-Friendly Stays Near Ram Mandir, Ayodhya

Ayodhya is a city that has spiritual meaning and old history. It’s famous for Ram Mandir, which attracts people to come here as pilgrims or tourists because it also carries lots of culture from the past. Ayodhya has many affordable places to stay that will fit your budget while still letting you feel the city’s charm. This is perfect for people who want a cheap yet cozy place to sleep. This blog will talk about the Budget-Friendly Stays Near Ram Mandir, Ayodhya. This way, your trip to Ayodhya can be fun and won’t cost too much money.

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1. Hotel Saryu (Yatri Niwas Ayodhya)

Hotel Saryu (Yatri Niwas Ayodhya) is an excellent cheap place in Ayodhya. The hotel is a good choice for people with little money because it offers clean, comfy rooms at low prices. Many travelers like Hotel Saryu (Yatri Niwas Ayodhya) because it is friendly and has easy access to a particular place.

The hotel also provides everyday things like free internet, food service, and an on-site restaurant that serves tasty local meals. Due to its fantastic spot, you can cheaply relax in a spiritual place called Ram Mandir and then go back to the comfy Hotel Saryu (Yatri Niwas Ayodhya).

Hotel Saryu (Yatri Niwas Ayodhya)

2. Shri Ram Hotel:

The simple, low-cost, and comfy Shri Ram Hotel is hidden in the middle of Ayodhya. The guest house makes sure that every visitor gets a good choice by giving many types of rooms to match different money plans.

The Shri Ram Hotel is very peaceful; it’s the perfect spot to relax after seeing many sights all day. The excellent service and kind workers make your stay more comfortable. This hotel is close to Ram Mandir, making it easy for you to go without spending too much money. You can feel the spiritual vibe without breaking your budget.

Shri Ram Hotel

3. OYO Home Shree Ram Palace Homestay:

A cheap place to stay that mixes low cost and modern features is OYO Home Shree Ram Palace Homestay. The hotel has nicely designed rooms with all the things needed to make your stay comfy. It’s a good choice for tourists because it is near Ram Mandir and other famous places.

The OYO Home Shree Ram Palace Homestay does more than others by giving things like trips for prayer and help from guides to nearby sacred places. This intelligent planning makes your stay better, both cheap and full of fun.

OYO Home Shree Ram Palace Homestay

4. Hotel The Ramay Palace:

The affordable Hotel The Ramay Palace is close to Ram Mandir and provides comfy rooms. The hotel’s helpful workers and lovely rooms make for a good stay for guests. The restaurant on-site offers tasty local food. This means you can taste Ayodhya’s unique dishes without spending too much money.

If you want to visit the old spots in town, Hotel The Ramay Palace also helps with travel arrangements. This is a good choice for guests who wish to find affordable lodging with valuable things.

Hotel The Ramay Palace

5. OYO HOME 81482 The Ramam Homestay:

For visitors who want a cheap place to stay near Ram Mandir and are okay with it being quiet, OYO HOME 81482 The Ramam Homestay is the secret treasure. The guest house offers simple yet comfy rooms after a day of visiting places.

The people who work at OYO HOME 81482 The Ramam Homestay are known for being kind and friendly. They make sure visitors feel relaxed all the time they stay there. It is close to the river and Ram Mandir, so it gives a calm feel. This makes it liked by those who want cheap travel.

The Ramam Homestay

6. Ayodhya inn:

Cheap places to stay near Ram Mandir include Ayodhya Inn, which offers helpful prices and is nearby. Both visitors and travelers can have a good stay in the hotel’s simple but clean rooms.

What makes Ayodhya Inn unique is its commitment to providing good value. As the workers want to ensure visitors have fun, it’s a good choice for people with little money. It doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality, though!

Ayodhya inn

7. Hotel Gurudev Palace:

Hotel Gurudev Palace is an excellent choice for low-cost people looking for a comfy place to stay. This place gives guests personal attention to clean and comfortable rooms that make them feel like they’re home.

For people who care the most about being cheap, the guest home is best. It’s close to Ram Mandir and doesn’t cost too much. Visitors can feel the spirit of Ayodhya through the owner’s personal touch and helpful local knowledge. This makes their experience extra unique.

Hotel Gurudev Palace


People from all over the world come to Ayodhya because it’s important in history and has a strong spiritual connection. These seven cheap places near Ram Mandir, mentioned in this blog post, are great for tourists on a budget. They also make sure you have a relaxed and enjoyable stay without spending too much money. If you’re a visitor seeing Ayodhya’s culture or someone on holy travel, these cheap places fit the perfect mix of cost and ease. They let your trip to Ayodhya be low-priced yet special.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What cheap places to stay are near the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?

A1: Near the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, you can find cheap places to stay. Some examples are Sarayu Paying Guest House and Hotel Sita Sharan, among others. Others include Ganga Palace, Ayodhya Regency, and Shanti Guest House, too!

Q2: Are these places good for visitors and travelers, too?

A2: Visitors and travelers are looked after by the places mentioned before. They make sure that everyone has an easy time by giving comfortable places to stay near Ram Mandir and other fun things.

Q3: What sort of facilities are there at these low-cost places to stay?

A3: Most of the time, things like free internet access and help with travel can be found. Also, there are nice clean rooms plus food places that sell local meals. You might only sometimes find these features, but they’re usually found at most hotels or lodges.

Q4: How close is Ram Mandir to these places?

A4: The mentioned places to stay are all picked carefully so guests can quickly get there and visit Ram Mandir. The distances might change, but they are still near for a pleasant journey or exploring adventure.

Q5: Do tourists get any extra help during these stays?

A5: To make the whole trip better, some places like Ayodhya Regency might offer extra things for travelers, such as help with getting transport and guided tours to nearby holy spots.

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