remove belly fat and transform your body

Not only is belly fat an irritant, but it is also linked to high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. One study suggests that overweight people around the stomach are at risk of premature death. This is all the more reason to start working on your core regularly!

We presents a 3-day exercise plan that will do wonders for your body, particularly the tummy area! Each day, you will only need six minutes of your time to do the exercises. Remember that no excuses are accepted when it comes to your health!

Day 1

The first part of your daily routine includes 2 simple exercises. It will take about 5 minutes to run. If you have time and strength for more, repeat the sessions twice. Let’s start!

The skyscraper (10 per side):

Training Series Can Remove Belly Fat and Transform Your Body
Training Series Can Remove Belly Fat and Transform Your Body

Stand on a straight arm plank while squeezing your glutes. Rotate your body to the left until you reach a side plank position.

Extend your left arm up, making the letter “T” with both arms. Turn your body back to the straight arm plank and repeat the same movement on the right side.

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Windshield wiper (10 per side):

 remove belly fat and transform your body
remove belly fat and transform your body

Begin the exercise lying on the mat, with your hands open at your sides and your palms facing down. Raise your knees, straighten your legs, and keep them together throughout the exercise like a windshield wiper.

Drop your legs to the left side, then come up and pull them to the right side. Make sure your back remains flat on the floor.

Day 2

The second day includes 2 exercises that are a bit more difficult. Get ready for action!

Breakdancer (15 per side):

Take a straight arm plank. Take your left foot, slide it, and touch the right side of the floor.

Take your right foot, slide it, and touch the left side of the floor. Increase your speed if possible.

Skydiver (hold for 30 seconds):

Skydiver (hold for 30 seconds):
Skydiver (hold for 30 seconds):

Begin the exercise by lying on your stomach with your arms behind your head. Raise your arms and legs, squeezing your glutes.

Hold this position for 30 seconds. Go back to the starting position.

Day 3

On the third day, you will have to do 2 exercises. If done correctly, they can seem really challenging. But don’t give up!

Crab kicks into Superman (6 per side):

Get into the crab pose, lift your left leg, and reach for the left toe with your right arm. Flip over into a straight arm plank.

Raise the same arm and leg in Superman’s position. Turn and repeat the same movement with the opposite side.

Star leg raise (10 per side):

Take a side elbow plank. Raise your top leg toward the ceiling. Get back on the ground. Make sure your toes are pointing forward.

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Are you going to include these exercises in your daily routine? Which of the exercises is easier and more difficult for you? We look forward to your comments and photos below!

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