Hold Your Hand in This Position

Look at your hands. What do you see? If your answer is “just my hands,” ask a reflexologist. They will say that there are, according to research, several hot spots that provide power over the body and mind.

Hold Your Hand in This Position
Hold Your Hand in This Position

We wants to share with you what you can do with just the middle finger. And others, of course.

What Your Fingers Say About Your Health

The Thumb

The thumb is responsible for anxiety and headaches. If you have a nervous headache, gently hold your thumb for about 5 minutes. Reflexologists say it will relieve pain.

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The Forefinger

This finger controls muscle pain, as well as feelings of disappointment, fear, and shame. As studies from the University of Minnesota show, patients with back and muscle pain felt better after a cycle of reflex therapy.

Clutch your index finger with the other hand for 5 minutes.

The Middle Finger

Pressing your middle finger helps if you feel irritated, angry, or more tired than usual. Studies show that this type of exercise lowers blood pressure and calms you down.

The Ring Finger

Negative emotions and sadness will disappear if you gently hold the ring finger for 5 minutes. Be sure to stay calm and watch your breathing.

The Little Finger

The little finger is responsible for self-esteem, stress, and nervousness. If you have a tendency to decrease in value, you should really think about massaging for 5 minutes.

Try to think of something good while doing it.

The Palm

Hold Your Hand in This Position...You Won’t Believe What Follows

Press the fingers of one hand into the middle of the other palm. Massage in a circular motion and inhale and exhale deeply three times.

Reflexologists say that the palm is the center of your feelings and emotions. Research shows that regular palm massage helps prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea, and constipation

Palms Pressed To Each Other

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This position is often used in meditation. It helps you focus and get your thoughts in order. By pressing the palms of your hands, you can improve blood circulation.

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